“You will change yourself, when you and God feel it is time to do so”

Well this has been a subject of mine that I have silently and privately dealt with on my own for some time. When is it time for me to change my life so that I can become truly one with the Heavenly Spirit? And whose idea was it anyway that I needed to change anything to be accepted and protected by the love of God in my life? Yes, I have tossed and turned with this thought and this revelation for some time. So hopefully if this is a question of yours as well, we can provide clarity to each other, as we take this journey of ours with the Heavenly Spirit together.

When I decided to truly and totally give myself to the Lord my Father, I was amazed about a number of things; which were did I have to dress a certain way to be a God-fearing woman, or did I have to stop doing this or that to be a God-fearing woman, and when did I need to do these things so that I could feel what I felt was needed to feel so that I could once again call myself a God-fearing woman? But then something amazing happened and what happened was this.

God has asked us all to come to him as we are. “Come to me your broken and downtrodden, and I will make you whole and full of the Spirit of the great I AM”. So I came to my Heavenly Father as the woman that I am, with all my shortcomings and my amazingly large ego of what and who I was; and who I was, was just fine being the way I was to be. But then as I stated my life changed, and as I became more and more engaged with the love of the Heavenly Spirit in my life, many things that were once me or mine to be, became not mine to be anymore.

I didn’t need the clubs, or the ideas of what man perceived my beauty to be, as long as the beauty that I saw in the mirror was all me to receive. I began to realize that I didn’t need to give up anything, because all of what I am is what God has made me to be. So as time went on, and as I became more and more engaged with my church family and my church duties; time that was used to hang out and do nothing with those that were doing nothing as well, ceased; and now what I find my time being spent on is time with those that are bringing constantly and consistently to the table of life that I am sitting at the words and love of God.

I have not cut myself off from those that live differently than I do, nor have I allowed myself to see them differently than what they used to be in my life which were friends, and acquaintances; they are and will always be still that, but now the places that I want to go with them to is to Church, and the places that I want them to see in my eyes are places that satisfy my soul because they feed my soul consistently with the love of God in my life. No I have not given up anything, I have just re-arranged how I do what I do in my life, what was once thought of as pure self-gratification has now been replaced with the gratification of the love of God, and the things that allow me to show how bright his love of me is in my life, is by showing how bright my eyes now twinkle with the love of the Heavenly Spirit organizing his works in my life.

No, for those of us that think that we need to get ourselves totally right, to be with God at this time or the next; I ask you to come and just speak to the Heavenly Father about your life, and ask him to guide you; and he will open up within you a love of life that you had never even dreamed could be imaginable; your life, your love of the Spirit and your love of self, will allow you to feel the almighty love of the Heavenly Spirit, and when that happens, it doesn’t matter what you felt you needed in your life before, God will give what you need to be just what you were always meant to be, the magnificent, the glorious, and the amazing expression that this World has been waiting for, that you have been waiting for, and that we all have been waiting for to be manifested.

Reach out your hand and ask for the Heavenly Father to touch you, and you will find within yourself, what is still needed in your life, and what needs to be put to the side. For all that He gives you is Good, and all that is here for you is Good, let the Good into your life, and let the love of God take you where you need to go, for you are so worthy, and you are so deserving, and so it is. God bless you all, Amen and amen.

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