“You’ve had the Power all Along, said Glinda the Good Witch”

You know what I find so amazing about life is that, you should never underestimate the power of determination, the power of oneself, clinging, hanging, holding on, to what we call life so dearly. As I watch my beloved animal making his transition to being healed or to being unhealed; I see the determination in his eyes, in his mannerisms, in himself, and what is so amazing about determination, and what is so amazing about ourselves, is that everything that you need to be whole, to be complete, to be enough, to be yourself, is already within you. The famous line from the Wizard of Oz, one of my favorite movies is by Glinda the Good Witch to Dorothy, was that you’ve always had the power that you needed; you’ve always had all you needed within yourself to be the magnificent expression that God has always known you to be.

When I look at myself and I look at my life, I find myself so proud of myself; because every day that we live, and every day that we continue on this amazing journey called life we are learning, we are the student and we are the teacher, we are learning from others and we are teaching others, and we are also learning and teaching ourselves. Who would have imagined that someone would want to express themselves in a medium to the world by using love as a mechanism, by using inspiration, motivation, compassion, joy and forgiveness, and let’s not forget hope, as a way to move mountains; as a way to move your mental mountain your mind. I remember when I was a young child, and I loved science fiction; I was so into science fiction, and Greek mythology, anything and everything that could possible take my mind to another place then where it was currently.

And I remember thinking to myself that if I had my mind, and my mind was clear, and calm, and normal, but I didn’t have my body; let’s say if I was a quadriplegic, or bed- ridden or something of that nature, I could still see myself soaring, and escaping into a world of fantasy, into a world of imagination because of my mind. Now a lot of people feel the heart is the strongest muscle in the body, and it is one of the strongest muscles in the body, if not maybe to some the strongest; but the mind, anything that allows you to take yourself from where you are physically, to another plane, realm, or existence mentally is a powerful something, and that’s what the mind is. So by saying to myself that I could still live my life because of my mind; to me what is so amazing is that I would think about that as a child, and it has now become so much more to me as an adult, but the fact that I had already thought of it as a child, wow mind blowing to say the least.

By saying you have the power that you need already, what we are saying is that you have the power within you, the power within your mind along with the power within your soul, to change and manifest your life into something that you could have only dreamed it to be. It always takes an epiphany for someone to see a change in their life, you always hear about individuals who one day woke up, and something clicked and then they got it, then it made sense, then it all made sense. This life that we have is something that can be a blessing which is what it is, or it can be something that is not a blessing if that is the constant mindset that you have, and since I see things only positively and inspirationally, we are going to flip that, and were going to say this.

My mind, your mind, has the power and the capacity to take us where we want to go, as far as that is, whenever that is, however that is, and it is a blessing. Our minds can take us wherever we want to go, because of the power that it is, and the power that we have, because we are everything we need. So when you think about yourself in that way, when you think about yourself in a way where you are already complete, you are already enough, you are already a blessing, you are already a bright shining star in the sky; then you begin to realize that there is nothing out there, there is nothing that you can buy, there is nothing you can take, there is nothing that you can consume, that will make you more than what you are, because you are already an amazing magnificent expression of God’s.

You are already the amazing thing, the amazing being, the amazing process that is what makes this life of yours so fantastic; so take some time today to be still, and to open your mind to all of the possibilities of the words “I am.” I am _______, and then fill that blank in, with every possible verb you can think of; I am amazing, I am loving, I am a wanting open soul, I am. Use the determination, use the spirit within yourself to know that you are everything that you have been looking for, you are amazing, and you have all the power that you need, you have everything you need to come home, and to become who you were meant to be; and believe me when I tell you, that is most of the journey. Finally realizing within yourself how amazing you truly are, by taking away all the layers of everyone else’s thoughts, dreams, and aspirations of who you should be, and looking at yourself with all that you are, it is so powerful; you have everything you need to be that person that you have always wanted to be, and what may shock you is that you are already that person, it’s just that you have not realized it for yourself.

I wish you today, a day of illumination; I wish you today of finally seeing yourself clearly, for the amazingly powerful and magnificent expression that you are; and when you click your heels three times, and say there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home; you will realize once and for all, that home is within you, and that home is amazing. May the love of God be with you always, and in all ways, and so it is, Amen and amen.

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