“You supply all my needs, you supply all my needs”

Dear Sweet Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence, you supply all my needs even when I don’t even know there is a need that needs to be supplied, you supply all my needs.  Even when I think a need is a want and I think that it’s something that I really don’t necessarily need to have in my life but you supply that as well.  You supply all my needs, all my guesses, all my assumptions, all my dreams, all my inclinations, all my ideas, you supply all my needs.

Oh and I’m so needy, sometimes I can be so needy Lord.  Sometimes I can need your help in this matter and require your assistance in another matter and need your clarity for something else, I’m so needy.  But as a child of yours I come to you when I am needy, I come to you when I am needing something in my life, something necessary, something fulfilling, something beneficial, you are who I come to.  I don’t go to my job to seek that need to be met, I don’t go to man to seek that need to be met, I go to you and you supply all that I need.

Every idea, every thought, every realization that comes to my mind that allows me to see that I need this in my life, than that’s who I call is you.  That’s who I speak to is you, that’s who I find my need being met by is you.  You supply all my needs, oh it has been such a beautiful, beautiful life, so many twist and turns and ups and downs and sideways and arounds but it’s been a beautiful life.  And I have so much to be thankful for, so much to be blessed by, so much that allows me to realize how beautiful my life really is, because of all that you do, you supply all my needs.

And as I sit back and think about what I could have done differently in my life, you know those would of, should of, could of thoughts, that I could of wrapped around my mind to say to myself how inadequate my life feels to me at any time, but to be honest with you I am happy. To be honest with you I feel great satisfaction, to be honest with you I look forward to what else will be supplied in my life.  Because you supply all my needs, you provide for me a foundation that you allow me to work side-by-side with you; and as we build up from that foundation a house that has a roof that is stable and secure, and then we furnish the inside of that house with just what is needed, just the right amount of this and that, that will allow the house to have the comfort that we so require.

And as I look out upon the territory that is so visibly displayed in my mind I see for myself that anything that I have asked for you have supplied that need.  Anything that I have requested you have supplied that need, and even when I find myself seeking you by bending down on my knees and begging, you have supplied my need and I thank you Father for that, for that inclination, for what I require, for what I feel is necessary, for what I see as something that is needed in my life, all I do and all I must do is turn to you because you supply all my needs, you supply all my needs, you supply all my needs and so it is, Amen and amen

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