“You’re Life”

Dear Heavenly Father I want to thank you once again for a beautiful day. I want to thank you Lord, for allowing me to see my life the way it truly truly is. Lord, for some reason I imagined my life to be free of trials and tribulations, I imagined my life Lord to be free of obstacles and distractions, and I imagined my life to be free of unwanted, unsolicited, unwarranted, and unnecessary pain and suffering. But then Lord I remembered that why should my life be any different than the numerous others who have lived their lives before me, and were able to still find it within themselves to be blessed, to be loved, and to be relevant here through it all.

Why should my life be always a day of praises and promises of good, and not experiencing situations and needless to say tribulations of bad? I must experience it all Lord, I understand that now to truly truly experience what is positive, what is a blessing, what is a bountiful cornucopia of all the good that is given to me must be first tested with the trials and the tribulations, with the challenges and the obstacles, with the irrelevant nuances of problems, and how I will deal with them is what will make me who I am.

How I deal with those trials and tribulations, allow me to see myself in true character; how I deal with the bad and the good in my life allows me to be a balanced and relevant individual, to be congruent to what is true; and, in my soul yes there will be days of bountiful blessings, and yes there will be days of trials and tribulations, but there will also be days of great understanding that the Heavenly Spirit, is here to love me, and because of that love, I will continue to rest assure that what is given to me, is given to me as a learning tool, that will allow me to continue to be on the right road of salvation for my soul.

There was a time, when a trial would come into my life, and I would have taken myself back to the way I used to be, in my days of long ago and long past, but those days are no longer, and those trials do not make me feel conflicted, confused, or incoherent to what is good in my life. Yes, there will be obstacles, and yes, there will be challenges; but what is so amazing, what is so revealing, and what is so phenomenal, is that through it all I still stand tall, through it all I still stand tall, and I stand erect knowing that what has truly affected my life has been a blessing, that I was needing to receive as a lesson. No I do not feel that my life is destined to be filled with trials, nor do I feel that my life is destined to be filled with all good things. But I do know this to be true, that my life, that my existence, that my world is to be filled with the love of the Heavenly Spirit, and because of the love of the Heavenly Spirit, I am free, I am open, I am blessed; and I am available to receive my good because I am open to receive it all, I am open to receive it all.

So I say to you today, be open to receive it all, be open to see what is truly truly being said to you, be open to find out for yourself what your life is truly here to be, what your manifestation, what your being, what your blessing is to be given to you. For believe me when I tell you a life well lived, is a life we all want to receive, receive the life that is so willing to be given to you, receive the life that you so desperately deserve, and receive the life with the good, the bad, and all the in-between, for you will see how it develops your character, as you stand tall through it all, and as you lead yourself to that victory lap of your life, your life, your life, your life, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

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