Dear Heavenly Spirit, as we finish off this year, and as we begin another year; I have begun to realize that everything that I have accomplished and all that I have wanted to see come to fruition in my life thus far have been because of this little word “Yes”. I have learned that instead of saying no to this or that, what I have experienced is that the most powerful word in this World and in my existence is the word “Yes”.

Yes, I am glad that I am alive, yes, I am fulfilled with the love of the Heavenly Spirit, and yes, my life is so complete because of all the love that I feel from you Sweet Spirit and from this World in general. I may not know each and every person that walks this Earth, but I do know that when I voice the word “Yes” to the Universe, the only thing that I see coming back to me is love; the amazing, and fulfilling dream, of all that is good and all that is true and it is love.

Yes, I am here to make a difference in not only my life, but in the lives of so many others. Yes, I am finally feeling the closeness that I have wanted for so long to feel between myself and so many others, because of the love that I am receiving from within myself as well as from others; and yes, I may not yet be able to move mountains with the words that I speak, but I am able to move, and change lives by the love and inspiration that adheres to my words.

Yes, my new word, and the only word that I want to feel coming from my lips are these three letters that signify to me, and to the ones that hear my words that all that is necessary in your life to be what you have always wanted yourself to be is possible by just saying yes. Yes, I want to feel you in my life dear Heavenly Spirit, yes, I want to surrender myself to all that is good and all this is right in this world, and yes, I may not always know how to get to where I am going but I do know dear Sweet Spirit that you know, and because of that illumination, I am free, I am loved, and I am forgiven and allowed to continue on my journey to see my life anew, to see my life birthed into something else that will allow me to continue to feel this way for all time.

I say yes, to you my Heavenly Father, so that you may use me to do what is needed in my lifetime to bring about a healing to this world. I say yes, dear Sweet Spirit so that you may see that what was once a child afraid of the dark has now become a woman ready and willing to use her life to relay your love and your words of salvation to this World. I am healed, and I am alive because of all the love that you have allowed to be given to me in my life, I say yes, for what was once only the beginning to a story that needed to be given a message that would bring about great beauty and great love into this world, has finally been written because of the love of you; yes, my Heavenly Father I say use me for all that I am, and all that I will ever be is but a tool, that can be used by you for the betterment of this World. I say yes, I say yes, and I say yes, for this and all that it entails, I say yes and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

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