“With Profound Gratitude, I Live my Purpose”

Good day Blessed Ones;

Wow, today has been amazing to say the least. Well let me be real, and say the entire weekend has been a blessing that I so want to share with all of you. I have found that as I experience the idea of taking each day for what it is a blessing to be realized, and by seeing each and every day as just that; wow, you will not believe how positive my days have become and because of that I feel joyful and full with the love of the Heavenly Spirit.

From Friday, as I spent an evening with my beloved sharing stories and laughs with each other as we reminisced on our life, and how far we have come from who we were before we accepted the Heavenly Spirit in our lives; and then there was Saturday with all of the many duties that I had on my to-do-list to accomplish, I was still able to spend the morning and most of the afternoon with 13 of the most amazing women I had ever met, as we all celebrated a very good friends Bridal Shower Brunch. I will write more about that this week on Sisterhood.

But then came Sunday, one of the most special days to me; and as I was the Platform Assistant at my church’s 9:00a.m. and 11:00a.m. services, and providing a meditation for my Spiritual Community that made even my heart soar; it was such a blessing to see how much love that is in my life in so many different facets. My Spiritual Family provides for me a hiatus from the hustle and bustle of the work week, and the sheer idea of just sharing a cup of coffee with someone who sees you for who and what we all are, amazing and magnificent expressions of the Heavenly Spirit, enjoying an Earthly experience, it is and has been so wonderful and so well needed, thank you all so much for that.

And then there is today; and, as I began the first day of a 21-day Gratitude Meditation period, that I have been looking forward to when I first signed up two weeks ago. So of course when the first day’s lesson was about “what is your true purpose in life”; it got me to thinking that “yeah what is your true purpose in life, Miss Gerrie?” And what I came away with is this, to me my true purpose in life is to share the light of the Heavenly Spirit with each and every one I meet, by sharing my words of love, hope, forgiveness, joy, and all Good things. I want to see the World at peace for an eternity, and if many may feel that is not possible, I want to show them that yes it is possible, if we can see for own selves how beautiful life can be if we all loved each other for who and what we are.

I took today’s affirmation and used that as my title because if felt like such a strong reference to send out into the Universe. With profound gratitude, I live my purpose; just the idea that the reason that I am here is to show love to the World, that makes the entire journey that I am on, and the entire journey that we all are on, as just something that means so much more than what we have, and what we want to have. Your purpose can be something monumental like saving the whales from extinction, or it can be something even more monumental as just providing food for those that are hungry in your neighborhood on a Sunday afternoon; but, whatever it is make sure that it is something that provides for you a feeling of profound gratitude and allows you to live your purpose on this Planet.

To live life’s purpose it sounds so simple doesn’t? To see that something can be changed in this World, because you have decided that you want to be a part of the equation, to make that beautiful positive thing happen for all to see and all to have, that is to me what a purposeful life would look like, and that is to me what a purposeful life should be. So as I look forward to tomorrows message as I center down for another meditative period, I will remember to myself today that “with profound gratitude, I live my purpose”, and with great reverence I look forward to sharing that purpose with the World, so that I may continue on my journey with the Heavenly Spirit, and so that we may continue on our journey together, you and I, receiving all of those blessings of what a purposeful life can mean to us all, and so it is. God bless you all,

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