“With each Breath”

With each breath, with each breath. Dear Heavenly Spirit, sweet Loving Presence with each breath I am able to change myself. With each breath I am able to change my existence, and with each breath I am able to change my World. With each breath, I receive in my lungs enables my body to be refreshed with all the nitrogen and oxygen that it needs to continue to move forward. With each breath in my body allows my life the opportunity to do more than what was done previously. With each breath in my lungs allows me to make a difference, allows me to receive a blessing, allows me to incur and absolve a debt, with each breath allows me to continue to make a change in my World, that will affect the World around me, with each breath.

Every time we breathe in and exhale out allows something different to occur in our bodies, allows our bodies to continue on the journey of this physical realm, as it continues on the journey of the spiritual realm as well. The breath that we receive in our bodies allows us to move forward, to receive what needs to be given to us, so that we can continue to make changes and re-arrangements, and re-configurations to the masterpiece that is already been given to us. With each breath the masterpiece is allowed to continue, allowed to go forward, allowed to manifest, allowed to illuminate into what it was truly meant to be with each breath.

With each breath, I breathe in the love of the Heavenly Spirit, and I feel the presence of the source of all good in my life. With each breath I am able to remember how sweet the memories were that allow me to see in my mind how the simplest gesture of love could be more monumental than the simplest gesture of a wrong, with each breath I receive the love that I have been so desperately waiting for, and with each breath it feels so amazingly well in my body. With each breath my life has changed, with each breath my World has evolved, with each breath my existence has continued to evolve into something that was even more amazing the first time, but now with each breath it is allowed to be renewed a second time.

With each breath I am able to see the stars in the sky for what they are, which is the magnificent lights that shine out on me and you, and reveal to us the brilliance and the beauty that we are as a child of God’s, with each breath. With each breath, continue to see yourself as that bright shiny star beaming from the sky unto the Earth because with each breath that is what you are. You are that amazingly shiny bright star that we see every day and night, and as that star continues to shine brighter and brighter, and continues to evolve into something even more magnificent than what it began to be, you will remember that each breath allows you the opportunity to do this.

Each breath allows you an opportunity to begin again if that is needed, each breath allows you a new beginning, a changed middle and a miraculous ending that will manifest into something that was destined to be what we’ve all been waiting for, with each breath you are reborn, renewed, rejuvenated, reactivated, you are with each breath, with each breath, you are revealed to us as the amazing magnificent expression that you are, with each breath, with each breath, with each breath, and so it is, and so it is, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

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