Why are you angry with me? Why are you so upset with me? Why have I allowed you to make me feel this way? Have I forgotten who and whose I am? Why, Why, Why? The answer to that question is this, we allow ourselves sometimes to be treated unfairly, because maybe we feel that that feeling will allow others to feel happy and content with themselves. But I have news for you on this day, my brothers and sisters; because we should never allow anyone to make us feel unhappy, no we should never ever allow anyone to make us feel that what we want out of our lives, is not possible because it will diminish what someone else may feel for themselves.

I am not here to make you happy, I am not here to make you feel worthy, and, I am not here to make you feel complete. I am here to be a blessing to God, and by being that, I make myself happy, I make my visit here however long it may be one of pure bliss for me and my Heavenly Father. When it comes down to it, I am here to be a blessing so that others may see that when I approach them throughout my day, I am here to be the reason that the why question has been answered. I am here to be an answer to the why for myself; may you find your answer to why within you and may you find comfort in knowing that the answer to all your questions lie within you as well.

Take this time, however long that time may be, and find a reason why you are so magnificent for yourself. Take this time to see within your own heart, that no one and nothing besides our Lord and Savior and yourself make you complete, make yourself the amazing shining light that you are shine out into this world. And please believe me when I tell you, there will always be people that will wish that their light was as brilliant as yours; and when that happens, all we can do for them is to show them the way by your example, show them that the light of God is shining through you, in you, and it is there for you, to bring about a light of love and pure happiness and joy to this place and to yourself.

You are the answer to the “why” question that you have been asking yourself all along. You are the answer to “why” the sun shines so brightly, you are the answer to “why” the sweet taste of forgiveness allows you to be blessed, you are “why” the joy that you feel in your heart is so contagious to others around you, when they open up their hearts to find out the answer to that question for themselves as well. Take this day and every day that you are given to prove to yourself and to the world, why that answer to your “why” question was so important finally to you, and I guarantee you, others will feel your answer, others will see your aura of the love of God in your life, and others will learn from your example just what it means to know the reason why you are here on this Earth.

May the love of God continue to show you for the rest of your life the answer to your questions of “why”, and for this and so much more we say in thanksgiving, thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is. Amen and amen

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