“Why am I?”

Why am I? Why am I Lord, still able to come to work every day with a smile on my face, and with the love of you in my heart, and the fortitude to stand upright and walk proudly in everyday with all that I am dealing with and for as long as I have been dealing with it? Why am I still able to shine my light brightly out into the World Lord? Even with all I have going on that is trying to stifle my light, why am I able to do that? That is the “why” questions that I need to know answers to why am I?

Why am I still strong when I have been attacked for so long? Why am I still so bright and cheerful even though my light is constantly trying to be dimmed? Why am I still so strong in my faith that I know divinely my good will shine out into the World? Why am I still so cheerful, when everything around me is trying to tear me down? Why am I still?

Change the why question, change the why question, from why why me, woe is me, to look at me. Even though you have tried to hurt me I am still standing tall. Look at me even though you’ve tried to stop me from being successful I am still succeeding. Look at me even though you say you don’t care, and you’re not trying to do something mean to me, but look at me. I’m still succeeding, I’m still showing the love of God in my heart, and out into the World, look at me.

I am still here, I am still strong, and I am still a child of the Heavenly Father’s and I am still successful. Look at me, and see why I am, see why I am here, see why I am here and still standing tall, see why I am here and still standing tall, and still feeling free, and still feeling the love of the Heavenly Father.

See why I am, and you will see, you will see by example that when you cast your light out into the Universe, and the Heavenly Father is telling you that everything, everything that you need will be coming to you because you are a child of mines. Don’t let them dim your light, don’t let anyone take away from you something that is yours to have, because God says that’s not going to happen.

Why am I still so happy even though I feel that their trying to take the happiness from me? Why am I, and the reason behind that is because I love myself, and I believe heavily in the Heavenly Father and I know; that you are not going to be successful against me and my Father, you are not going to tear me down, because I have the strength of my Heavenly Father in me, I have the strength and the power within me.

Yes Lord why am I so happy even with all that is going on in my life? Why am I so successful even with all that is going on in my life? And why am I standing tall with dignity even with all that is going on in my life; and I will tell you why. Because the Heavenly Father is with me, I stand true to my faith, and I stand true to myself, and I feel, I feel, I feel the love of God in me.

So I say thank you God, for allowing me to still look at myself and see that yes, everything is going to be just fine, and yes, all that I have ever imagined my life to be will still come to fruition, and yes the Heavenly Father, the Heavenly Spirit, the Holy Spirit, is with me. And I say thank you, I say thank you, I say thank you, and so it is, Amen and amen, God bless you all.

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