“Wherever I am God is; wherever I am God is”

I thank you Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence for your love; I thank you my Father for your existence in my life.  I thank you my Father for knowing that wherever I am you are.  Wherever I find myself, wherever I see myself going, whatever path seems to be blazed by me, is a path that will be accompanied with you, by you in its existence.

Wherever I am God is, when I hear that phrase when I hear those words, when I hear those inclinations I realize that I am never alone, I am never by myself, I am never forsaken, I am not walking this road alone.  I am not taking these steps by myself, I am not moving forward alone.  You are with me, you are with me now, you have been with me than, you will be with me forever and that is what scripture tells us.  For God will be with you whenever, forever, and ever.  You are not alone.

Never feel, never understand, never believe that you are alone in this journey.  Never understand that you have to tackle this by yourself.  Never have the leanings to, the feelings that you are taking this road, this journey, this opportunity by yourself.  That you are dealing with this challenge by yourself, that you are embarking on this new found territory by yourself; because He is always there, He is always there with you, He is always there for you, you are never alone.

What comfort it brings me to know that the Heavenly Spirit is with me always when I make every move in my life.  What a blessing it is to know that I do not walk this road by myself, that I am not here all alone in this big blue world by myself.  And even though I may take a road, I may take a journey, I may take a ride, I may take a walk down a path that only I physically will go down by myself, but it’s good to know.  It is favorably wise to know that I am not really by myself, no my Heavenly Father, the Heavenly Spirit of all that is good and pure, and right is with me on my journey, allowing me to get from point A to point B successfully, thank you Jesus, thank you God.  Wherever I am you are, so that’s why it doesn’t matter to me who brings to me, or who tells me of the Heavenly Spirit because I hear from Him always and in all ways He tells me:

I am your Father, I am here for you, and I have never, nor will I ever forsake you my child.”

What a blessing that is to know, what a realization that is to realize, what an understanding that is to fully understand, what a blessing it is from God.

“I walk this road with you, I walk this road with you my child, forever I walk with you; I will provide for you, I will give you what you need for you are a child of mine.  And for this I will be with you always, for this I will be with you always, for this I will be with you my child always.”

Thank you Father, thank you Father, thank you Heavenly Spirit for allowing me to know that I am never alone, I am always with you I am always your child.  And even in the darkest of nights and the brightest of days, you are there for me, you are there for me, oh what a blessing it is, what a blessing it is to hear the words of God in your life, what a blessing it is.  And for these blessings, for these amazing anointment’s for these amazing truths, for these amazing learning’s I thank you God for the blessings, I thank you God for the knowing, I thank you God for the realizations, I thank you God for the understandings, I thank you God, and so it is, Amen and amen, God bless you all

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