“What you Seek is Seeking You – Rumi”

Wow, I love this saying by one of the most important writers of all time Rumi. I think what I like the most about this saying is that it resonates within me that all of the love and joy that I put out into this World and that I am also seeking from this World, is in fact seeking me. The love and joy that I put out is coming back to me double fold and overflowing in abundance, because that is how I am flowing it out into this World.

I have to say that the last few days have been a little hard to see the love in, and I can only say that as we go around on this big roller coaster that we call our lives, it is sometimes kind of hard to seek out love and joy when you are dealing with a crisis, or even if what you perceive to be a crisis is dealing with you. My husband and I have been experiencing a lot of pain lately in the way of our four legged child Ramses (chow chow), and at 12 years old, which means that he is actually 84 years old in dog years, wow that can’t be right; well he is experiencing some medical issues that have made him cranky and more aggressive as if that could ever be the case than usual.

He is in pain and he didn’t have any problem letting us know all about it; but as my husband was bite in the face by the dog just for trying to lift him up and get him moving, we began to realize that maybe this is the time that we need to make a decision on what to do about him and his health issues. I first have to say that my beloved is stitched up and in good spirits about all of this, and he is more concerned about the dog’s welfare and the pain that he is experiencing than what he actually did to him and to us. But as we are getting older and as the dog is getting older it does become an issue that we must address sooner unfortunately than later.

So as we spend these next few days trying to decide what to do about our ailing furry child, and as my husband heals from the massive bite he received from Ramses, we know in our hearts that we cannot allow him to ever do this type of thing again; and, if that means he must be put down due to the pain he is experiencing and not able to walk, then we will have to make that charge to do what is best for him, and what is best for the family. But when I think about the topic of what I seek, seeks me, I am reminded about all the love that we have shared with each other as a family of three, our furry child and us. And as we await the coming days and weeks to decide on what will be the outcome of these long and loving 12 years that we have shared with each other; I will always remember the love that I was looking for in my life from my beloved Ramses whenever I was sad, there he was with a nudge and a lick of love; and whenever he was ready to be petted and loved, there Emmitt and I were to give him what he needed as well.

I can only say that I hope that I will be strong enough to give him what he needs these last days and hours; which I believe is a loving gesture as well; as we help him transition to that big doggie heaven that may await him if that is what is needed to be done. I will always love my dog, Ramses Takaya Aioki Walker; and I know he did not mean to hurt his loving human father; but as we together seek to understand and find the love in this situation, I understand that he is seeking to find the love, and the reassurance that we will do what is best for him and his well-being as well. Thank you God for giving us a wonderful companion in our lives for the last twelve years; and, if I am able to have a little more time with my friend, I will take it, but if I am not, I will rest assured that he understands that we will always love him, and he will always love us as well. God bless you all

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