“What’s Next?”

Good day Blessed Ones, I’m back;

Oh dear Heavenly Father thank you so much. I had such an amazing vacation time with my children and my grandchildren. I had one of the most joyful periods of time that I’ve had in oh so long; Thanksgiving and Family, and as my Pastor likes to say Thanksliving, thanksliving, thanksliving. Lord, I woke up every morning and I prayed, I meditated, I enjoyed, I listened, I watched, I was truly aware of everything, and everyone and it was amazing. I met some non-believers, and I met some true believers, some true Bible studying individuals; I had a wonderful time and that entire time that I was on my vacation with my family I thought about what is next? Many of my thoughts centered around what is next? What is the next step? What is the next goal? What is the next strategy, what is next?

I looked at my son who is one of the most busiest young men I know, and I said to myself I wonder where he gets that from. He is a physical education teacher at the local high school, and then in the evenings he personally trains people in the garage in his home that he converted into a fitness gym he has in his home, and then on the weekends he DJ’s with this elaborate DJ system he has I was just amazed, 60,000 songs he has on his computer, it was amazing. And then my daughter she is a car sales broker, so she sells about 15 cars a month, amazing she is such a go-getter; so I look at them and I say what is next? What could be next for them, and I don’t know what I filled in the blank with, but when I look at my life and when I see how busy I am and I said they sure got it the right way because they are just like their Mother.

But I started to think about myself and I said what is next? What is next? I like to set goals up for myself and by setting goals up for myself I am able to bring much satisfaction to myself and to others as I complete each goal that I set out to achieve. The writing that I do, the book that I am working on, the words that I give on the radio show, the prayers that I give to others as a Prayer Chaplain, the work that I do every two weeks with the Board of Trustee’s at my Church; the words of creativity and visualization that I give at the meditation periods that I am allowed as a Platform Assistant at my Church, what is next? What more could be on the horizon?

And so I say to myself what more could be on the horizon is taking all of this to the next level. I serve, I give of myself to others, and as I contemplate going forward in this journey of Spiritual development; I say are you sure this is what is next on your agenda? Are you sure this is what is next in your life capsule period that you have? Are you sure that you have been called by the Heavenly Spirit to perform to this next level are you sure this is your next? And all I can think of is when I was away on this vacation, and as I sat back in my chair and I read my Daily Word and I looked forward to even though I wasn’t supposed to my speaking on the radio while I was gone, because I was supposed to be spending time with family; but I was spending time with family, I was spending time with my Father and my family, and the Heavenly Spirit was guiding me to get on this day and say something.

So one day, Thanksgiving Day, was the day that my DJ friend really wanted me to be on the radio, because he wanted me to really speak that day, so I did after we ate and the family quieted down and my daughter and her beloved husband and my husband and myself and we sat in the living room and I turned on my phone, and I proceed to dial the radio station. And I rang the radio station and I gave an inspirational piece and then I decided to give a piece of mediation, and once again I was unable to locate the piece I wanted on my phone so I proceeded to give from my heart space, what the Heavenly Father wanted me to say from my voice space. I gave a meditation that felt so amazingly good, I slowed it down, I took the time to pause, and I allowed a long period of silence to happen, and it was truly truly amazing, so what is next?

So this brings me back to my question what is next for you? What is next for all of us, what is next? I met an amazing man on the airplane ride coming home, and as he proceeded to be a little gruff in the beginning because he had to sit against the window, and my husband and I had the middle and aisle seats. And you know I looked at him and I said to myself that this looks like a man of color, and so during the flight we both took our shoes off to let our feet get some relaxation period, and I said to him, oh you took your shoes off uh. He said yes, I always take me shoes off on long flights and if it is a transatlantic flight I even take my socks off; so we proceeded to talk, and somehow we got on the idea of color and differences, and looking at this man I thought he was, well I don’t know exactly what I thought he was but he pretty much assured me that he was black, he was a Muslim, but he does believe in Christianity.

We had a conversation about just about the world and how funny it really could be, and we talked about Obama, whether you care about him or not he cares that everybody should receive health care, and we talked about how important it is for everybody to rise up, so that we can all be blessed by the Heavenly Father and by this world, deep conversation for an airplane ride. I gave him one of my cards and said if you are looking for something to inspire you, just take a look at this one day, he was from Kansas City, and I said if you like it, share it with your friends, share it with your friends. So, today as I look at what is next for me, I look at what is next in the context of one person touching another person, touching another person, touching another person’s life. What’s next?

I see it as a reflection meaning that no matter what the next step is, be it a step that enhances, informs, educates, and allows you to shine your light of the Heavenly Father into the life of somebody else. What’s next? Even though someone may seem so gruff on the outside take a chance, and say a word of encouragement, and of love, and see how they open up to you, and provide to you something you had no idea they had within themselves. What’s next? And take some time today to really reflect on yourself, look at all the things that you do for others, look at all the joy that you have brought into your life, and think about what would be the next step in that journey, what’s next? I have to say, I am in love with my family extended and blood, I am in love with myself inside and out, and I am in love with the Heavenly Father the words, the love, the blessings, that is what is next for me. I look forward to this journey that we are on together; I look forward to you guiding me to my next, my next, to my next. May the Heavenly Father provide for you the love, the guidance, the energy, to take your blessings to the next level. May the next level in your life, be what is next for you, God bless you all, amen and amen.

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