“What is Your Intention?”

What is your intention? What is your intention for your life? What is your intention for your existence? What is your intention?

Dear Heavenly Father, you are truly amazing. I want to thank you God for the life that you have given me, I want to thank you God, for the mind that you have given me, and I want to thank you God for the intention that you have set in my mind. Lord, I had no idea I wanted to be a writer, I had no I idea I wanted to be an inspirationalist, I had no idea I wanted to be spiritual, and I had no idea I wanted to be a Spiritual Inspirationalist, I had no idea. But what I realized was when I was touched by you; I realized there was something more I needed to do.

We all find our journey with the Heavenly Father differently; I found my journey, and my walk with the Heavenly Father came upon me by exposing myself to the word and the love of Jesus the Christ. When I opened up my mind, and realized that it was not just me here manipulating, and doing everything that was happening in my life, I realized that there was another power, there was a higher power, there was something more active in my life. And that activity was positive, and it was giving, and I was so open to receive it all. I remember the first time when I put the words together Spiritual Inspirationalist, I said to myself now that’s new. I don’t think I’ve seen that in the Webster’s Merriam New World Dictionary for 2013, but what I did see in myself when I put those two words together is a reason behind what I feel I am here to give to others.

Spiritually, I was still becoming awakened by the words of the Heavenly Spirit was allowing me to receive in my mind; but inspirationally, I was able and have always been a positive influence on others and myself, so I said let’s put these two words together and see what magic, see what positivity, and see what amazing amazing help we could do for others. So as the Heavenly words, and the Heavenly power, and the Heavenly Spirit comes upon me each and every day, and gives me the words of such love and forgiveness, such hope and creativity, such illumination, that I said to myself wait a minute, the inspiration that I feel gives me the hope, and the dream, and the idea, and the content, that yes today will be better than yesterday because we are inspired to see it that way. What is your intention?

My intention is to do any and everything that I can, to make where I am, and who I touch, and who hears my words, in a better frame of mind then they were previously. It is my intention to allow myself to be used as the instrument that I feel that I am so that I can be used, and molded, and shaped, and framed, and re-framed into something that will be a positive, a positive gift to others. I want to be a positive gift to you, I want you to be a positive gift to someone else, I want to feel within myself that even though things may have been one way at one time, this is a new day, and because of this day, there is new, there are new ideas, there are new thoughts running through my mind.

Yes, what is your intention? Is it your intention to bring about beauty into a place where you have not seen beauty before? What is your intention? Is it your intention to show and shine love out into this World because there is obviously not enough love being given, what is your intention? Is it your intention to find a way to embrace yourself in the loving arms of the Heavenly Spirit, by allowing the Heavenly Spirit to embrace you in the words of all he feels for you, what is your intention? And as I’ve said my intention is to spiritually inspire the World with my words, and my love, and my dreams, and my thoughts; and my aspirations are to give all of myself, so that I may be drained of all this, so that the world can be filled up with all of this as well. What is your intention?

I thank you Heavenly Father, for giving me the strength in my life, to be here every day to give the words that I feel in my heart to you and the World, I thank you Father. And I thank all of you for hearing, for seeing, for understanding, for allowing these words to touch your hearts; use today as opportunity to find out what is your intention, and once you visualize what that intention is in your mind, in your psyche, in your heart, and in your well-being, use that intention to do what it was meant to be done with all along, to bring about a better World. To bring about the love of God into the lives of others, and to bring about the peace of finally realizing how strong you can be, when you put together your intention, with the love and the words of the Heavenly Spirit, and together side by side you allow yourself to save someone else, who needs that intention in their lives as well.

What is your intention? Be it an intention that changes the World, be it an intention that brings about the positivity that is needed in this place, be it an intention that allows you to truly see how beautiful you truly are, from your inside to your outside, what is your intention? What is your intention, what is your intention, and so it is, Amen and amen, God bless you all

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