“What is your Destiny?”

Dear Heavenly Father, I think I’m healed, I feel I’m healed. Dear Heavenly Father, I have been taking care of myself, this holiday season has been so busy, so monumental, and so magnanimous. What a beautiful feeling it is to be invited to so many places, and to be expected to be at so many venues, and still find time to converse and spend time with the Heavenly Spirit.

For these past couple of days I haven’t written, I have just been soaking it all in, and as I’ve said I have been dealing with a health challenge that I think has now been mended and or is on the mend. Sometimes we need to slow down and just, just take a breath, and just take care of ourselves. Yesterday was the first time I had ever made a cup of coffee for myself in my home and it really felt like my home, I don’t know exactly what that means but sometimes you just are not present to all the things that you do, and your body just goes through the motions and takes you through the steps and allows you to get from point A to point B, and sometimes you don’t even know how you got there.

I thought about my destiny yesterday, as I laid in bed there mending and taking care of myself, and watching numerous love stories, and love comedies and movies, and they all were centered around what is your destiny? I have to say that I feel, I feel so happy, happier than I have felt in many many years, very very happy. I feel spiritually fed, I feel lovingly fed, and I feel appreciated, and I am very thankful for that.

So the question is what is your destiny? And every time you ask yourself this question, it should be at a time when something monumental happened in your life. That could be you got over an illness, or you experienced a personal challenge, or a personal triumph, or you just became aware. In that spilt second of a day when you finally sat down and realized that this is your life, but what is your destiny? What is the thing that calls to you no matter how many times you try to push it aside, what is your destiny? What is that thing burning inside of your soul wanting you to express it out into the world, wanting you to see for yourself just how amazing you really are; and even though there may be more than just one of you in this world with that particular talent that you have, you on this side of the world have been given a burning desire to birth your destiny.

We are all given a desire, a passion, an amazing dream in our minds, and as we think about that, and as we think ourselves out of that, we begin to realize that time has ticked away, and is it still time to take that destiny ride that you have been given in your life? Sometimes when I write in my mind, I don’t have the time to grab a piece of paper or even to record it, it just comes and then it goes, and then I say to myself wow I can’t remember what that thought was, that’s your destiny. When your dream comes to you, when the burning desire, that passionate fever of an idea comes to you, and gives you your destiny, your purpose, your alignment, call it whatever you will, don’t take too long to grab a piece of paper, don’t take too long to try to record the idea, act on it right away. For time is only slipping away, there is a reason that you have been given that idea, there is a reason that you have been given that purpose, that aha moment that you finally have realized in your mind that this is why I was truly meant to be here; we all have a purpose, we all have a reason, we all have a purpose, to fulfill that purpose, to fulfill that dream, to fulfill that idea, is what is your destiny.

Destiny, you are destined to go further, you are destined to dream bigger, you are destined to be that shining star that we see in the sky. The star that allows us to dream again, and to not only dream again, but to realize that with each dream, with each idea, with each true vision, that is captured, that is remembered, that is developed, that leads to your destiny; don’t miss the opportunity to follow the breadcrumbs in your mind, that connect the dots, that fit the pieces together, that allow you to see the true picture, the true purpose, the full vision, your destiny, your destiny, your destiny, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

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