“What has empowered you today to take care of yourself?”

One of the most beautiful things that I enjoy in this amazing journey that I call my life is the fact that I am able to be inspired and empowered by so many amazing women. The mere fact that someone’s story, that someone’s life journey has allowed them to pick out of that experience the good, the bad, and the ugly, and take all of that information and make it into something that will benefit others is to me what blessing each other is all about.

I had an opportunity to speak with an amazing woman today, and she told me her story of how her life changed due to her being diagnosed with retinal (kidney) failure. That diagnosis allowed her to see for herself how her entire life had always been about serving and taking care of others; so much so that she had forgotten and had neglected to take care of herself. Now isn’t something that we can all be accused of doing, we want to make sure the family is fed, and we want to make sure that our children receive everything and anything, that we did not when we were growing up, and because of that we totally forget that we too need to be nurtured and provided for in our entire lives, not just from the beginning before we had our families, or before we had our marriages, but at all times.

So today as I was talking with this amazing and beautiful woman, I realized about myself that I too can be guilty of that charge as well. It is not unusual for me to worry and care for any and everybody or everything else; and then to finally decide that oh yes I need to eat, or oh yes, I need to go to the doctor’s myself for this continuous and nagging back pain or just pure pain that I may be experiencing. There is always time in the day to care for others but to many of us there is not that same time in the day to care for ourselves, and that is a problem we need to address right now and straight ahead.

So I ask you, what has empowered you today to take care of yourself. What has made you finally realize that enough is enough, and I need to care for me before there is no me to be cared for? I think it is important and it is necessary that you spend quality time with yourself, and I cannot stress this enough, with yourself. By spending time with yourself and for yourself, you begin to realize that there is nothing wrong with at this moment or at that time that you have decided to devote to yourself some self-time, instead of some selfless time. Let’s use today to find a way to please and appease ourselves by showering upon ourselves the love that we need to survive in this World together and alone.

I want to be able to see for myself, just what it feels like to totally and full heartily spend as much time with myself that is needed so that I can say with total honesty that I have loved myself, and I have empowered myself today to do something that I may have once only dreamed about doing; but because I felt that it was necessary and it was important that is why I made the time today; to be not only empowered by others but to empower ones-self to be that amazing woman or amazing man that we have heard about on the television screen or in the newspapers. Instead of always looking to others to empower you to be the best that you can be, look within your own self to find those qualities about you that others see so brightly that empower them that they receive from you. I will never forget how hard it was to pull myself from the bowels of despair when I felt that I was not worthy of the love that I have always received from the Heavenly Father; I mean what could I have been thinking about, and to that question I ask you that as well, what have you been thinking about yourself that could have made you feel unworthy or un-empowering that wasn’t true to you and was not true as well to the World.

Believe me when I tell you, that you are the most magnificent expression of God’s that there is, because it is you. You are the one that empowers others to be magnificent themselves; can’t you see now and forever more that for yourself. I wish for you, as I wish for myself, that if there is ever a time when I would doubt my worthiness to be where I am at this time in my life, receiving the blessings that I am receiving from this Universe; I need only to look into the mirror of myself and my life, and realize deep within my heart space, that I am the one that sings the song of great love for myself and for the inner self of myself that needs to be reminded often that I am the one that empowers others because I am the one that empowers myself. May the love of God shine brightly on you, for you are the bright light that shines out into this World, praise be to God, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

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