“What can I do, what can I do my Father, what can I do”

It amazes me, it astounds me, it just shocks me to all get out when people don’t respond back to you.  When people don’t return phone calls, when people don’t return e-mails, when people don’t return an rsvp, when people don’t try in any way that they can with any medium that they feel comfortable with and communicate back to you; hey I received your call, hey I received your text, hey I received your email, hey I received your tweet, hey I received your motion, your ideal, your message, that you needed me to respond to and I am responding back to you.

How hard is that, how hard is that to let someone know that yes I acknowledge you, and by you acknowledging me and because of that acknowledgement, I respond back to you when you respond to me.  I will never forget one of the ugliest periods of my life is when I was experiencing this problem with an individual who wouldn’t return my calls, they wouldn’t return my texts, they wouldn’t return my emails, they wouldn’t return anything.  How rude is that, how ugly is that?  How un-God like is that when someone would feel that no I am not going to respond to you because you are meaningless to me; and, how many times have each of us made someone else feel like that?

You know If you call me, I will call you back.  I may not call you back that day, but I am going to call you back and, I’m going to say hey I respect you, I acknowledge you, I love you you are a child of Gods and yes I will respond back to you.  If you send me an email requesting information from me I am going to get back to you, I like to say at least within 24 hours if not sooner.  How disrespectful is it that someone can’t even return an email, can’t even acknowledge a postcard, can’t even respond to a letter, can’t even open up a text.  I mean I don’t understand and what more can I do Lord?  You know when I say what can I do, how can I communicate to these individuals who refuse to communicate back with me, that I love them and I see them as children of God’s and because of that that sheer indication itself I respond back to them.

I don’t care what you think of me, I don’t care why you feel what you do about me.  If you receive something from me can you not respond back to me that you received it?  Can you not respond back to me that you acknowledge me as a human being as well?  What harm does that do, I just don’t understand it?  So as I am trying to figure it out and as I pray about it.  I am in deep prayer about what can I do, what can I do to shine out into the world my love and sensitivity and my sense of humanity, my sense of caring, my sense of compassion when I can’t even get someone to return a phone call, return a text, return an email so that I can even tell them hey I love you.  How ugly and hurtful is that?

You know I am amazed that as a child of God’s I have been awaked to so many numerous behaviors by other people, and in the beginning I kind of really didn’t get it.  You know I didn’t get it, I didn’t think that there was something wrong or someone was mean or something was miss done or that there was a misdeed I just didn’t get it.  But then I started to feel, I started to realize that by not acknowledging me you are making it seem like I didn’t exist.  And in the eyes of the Heavenly Father, we all exist; we all are playing a role in this story that we have called life.  And to think that someone would find themselves above and beyond the fact of even responding to someone, who told you you were that person?  Who allowed you to feel that you are so much more superior than I, and because of that you don’t even have to respond to me? How ugly is that, so I try not to think about those types of things.  I still call individuals, I still text individuals, I still email individuals, I still tweet individuals, I still Instagram individuals and hopefully those individuals will respond back to me.

But isn’t that what we all want?  When someone acts out, when someone shows out, when someone shows out into the world that they feel so insignificant, isn’t that because they do feel that way, because we don’t acknowledge each other, we don’t acknowledge each other.  So the only way for me to get an acknowledgement or the only way for me to get a rise out of you, or the only way for me to get noticed by you is for me to act out.  Isn’t there some other way I can show you who I am so that you can see who I am without me having to act out in such a way that is so ugly, and is so pitiful and is so negative that I have to feel that to get your attention that is what I have to do?

How sad is that?  How un-imaginable is that?  So I say to you today I will acknowledge the man who is homeless on the corner and say good morning to him, just as I’m going to say good morning to the corporate CEO that I see at Starbucks in the morning as well.   I want to acknowledge any and every one, we all matter, we all exists we all are here; and I don’t want to just acknowledge you when you have done something wrong, when you have said something that was out of place, when you’ve been disrespectful.  I want to acknowledge you when I see you shining your light out into this magnificent world and I want to acknowledge you when I see you showing others compassion, and I want to acknowledge you when I see you showing others humility because then I allow myself to see you too as a human being.

So to the question of what can I do, I will acknowledge you for who you are as a child of God’s.  I will acknowledge you for what significance that you play in this world that we have and that’s a major part.  And I will acknowledge you for the beauty that you shine out into this world be it whatever it is.  Don’t we all want to be acknowledged?  Don’t we all want to be thought of as someone and somebody?  Use today, use today as an opportunity to shine your light out so that you can touch someone else and let them know that they matter to you just because they exist.  When someone calls you return the phone call, when someone text’s you, return the text.  When someone emails you return the email, and when someone leaves you a loving and meaningful email or voicemail, or an acknowledgement in any way, be it a card or a letter return it in likewise.  Let’s find a way to show each other we matter to each other which is also a way of showing each other that we matter to ourselves.  I see for myself as I see for the world today we need to change some things, and I’m going to start changing things starting with myself.  And as I ask myself what can I do, the answer that comes back to me is acknowledgement.  Acknowledge me as I acknowledge you, acknowledge me as I acknowledge you, acknowledge me as I acknowledge you, and so it is, Amen and amen


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