“What brings you Joy? What brings you Joy”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; the question I am asking myself today, the question that my mind is reeling with today, the question that I am hearing in my mind is what brings you joy?  What brings you joy? Now if I had asked myself this question many many months ago, I would have probably had a different answer than the answer that I have today.  But if I had asked this question of myself many many months ago, I may not have been as transparent and as authentic as I am today.

What brings me joy, what brings me total joyfulness in my life is the fact that I am still and will always be a believer and a lover of the Heavenly Spirit.  That above all else brings me so much joy.  But there are other things in my life that bring me joy; the changing of the seasons from one to another, and my most special season of the year Fall, I love Fall.  I love the crispness of the air, I love the blankets, I love the throws, I love the fires in the fireplace, I love the amazing beauty that the season shows as the colors of the leaves show in all their brilliance.  They too are shining and coloring up for Fall, I love Fall and it brings me joy.

I love food; I am a foodie and the idea of coming home to a hot bowl of seafood gumbo during a cold Fall evening; oh wow that can bring such joy to my lips as it brings to my stomach as well.  What is your joy?  To some people joy is them calling their own shots, them determining their own destiny, them determining their own life; and what they see their life to be brings them joy.  Owning your own business, making your own way, making your own money, showing the world your creativity, is a way of bringing you joy and bringing joyfulness into your life.  And isn’t that what it’s all about, how can we find more joy, and how can we bring into our existence the joy that we have and make it even multiply into even more joy?

I think some things we do we think bring us to a place of joy but do they really?  Sometimes I see people going into the building at my job and they don’t look joyful.  But they are going into a job that they have been given an opportunity that they have been afforded and they don’t seem joyful.  No I look at joy, I look at happiness, I look at these things as something that you need to find within yourself, find within yourself what those things can be for you.  I have an amazing girlfriend who told me the other day that with her and her significant other she feels she is not making him happy, she is not bringing him joy.  And I wanted to share with her as I wanted to share with everyone that I see and I meet is that no one can make you joyful, no one can make you happy, for the long-term.

You must bring out within yourself; you must bring it out from within yourself that joy, that happiness, that amazing joyfulness that you expect to see in the world, it must first start and begin with you.  So what brings you joy?  What allows you to bring a smile to your face, and a pep to your step and an excitement in your mind as you begin the day, what brings you joy?  Is it the thought that you have been able to wake up another day that brings you joy?  Is it the thought that you are going to be of service to someone else that brings you joy?  Is it the thought that your feeling within yourself all the love of God in your life, does that bring you joy?  Because I tell you it brings me joy, it makes me happy, it brings me joyfulness.

I thank you Heavenly Father for allowing me once again to see within myself what I bring to the table of my life.  I thank you Heavenly Father for letting me to see within myself what I bring to the world.  And I thank you God for allowing me to see for myself that the joy that I am seeking, that the joy that I am looking for, that the joy that I feel should be mine is mine within myself and I bring it out and I share that joy; I remind others of the joy that they are to themselves.  And I put a period behind feeling any other way but joyful; because to love the Heavenly Spirit, to love yourself and to see for yourself all the blessings that are waiting for you.  I say to you today where is your joy, your joy is within.  Where is your happiness, your happiness is within, where is your peace that joy will bring you and it is within; for you are the joy that you have been seeking and so it is, Amen and amen.  Thank you my Father for the joy, and so it is

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