“What are you waiting for?”

What are you waiting for? What is it in your DNA that is holding you back, from receiving your Good that you are so worthy of? You are worthy, you are necessary, and you are loved, and if you have forgotten that for yourself, rest assured that the Heavenly Spirit has not. So, what are you waiting for, what is it in your DNA that is holding you back, from receiving your Good that you are so worthy of?

What is it? What is it that constantly and consistently wants to stop you from moving forward, from moving on to the next level, if the next level is where you want to go? Many times we like to use excuses as to why we are in the rut of life that we are in; we can’t move forward, because we don’t have the time to devote to that new life that will emerge in our stratosphere if we move upward and onward. Or, we won’t be able to truly see life and deal with life, the way that we hope it to become, because if we evolve to that next level, we may not be able to identify with our own selves in understanding our worthiness of it all, as we become the us that we were destined to be.

Well, do I have news for you, if you were to take the time today to go forward, and receive the gifts that are awaiting you when you complete your whatever it is; then you would see that all that time that you wasted, was not really time wasted at all, it was just you finding it within yourself to be prepared to stick your little foot out there and to go forward. Yes, you are amazing, and by being amazing you sometimes frighten yourself, because you may think you are moving too fast, or that maybe you shouldn’t be moving forward at all.

But then, what happens next is what makes the journey called life even more magical, you are touched by the Heavenly Spirit; and the Heavenly Spirit speaks to you, and reminds you, of what you are here for; the Heavenly Spirit touches you and reminds you of whose you are. You are not here to be stagnant, you are not here to be a burden on the road to glory, no not at all; you are here to be the light that Spirit shines out into this World, to show yourself and others that yes, you can do this, and yes, it is possible for you to be that shining star that you have always imagined yourself to be.

And as you stand tall to bask in the life that you are so destined to have, remember these words for all their worth and value, “You are that bright star in the Universe that we have waited to be illuminated”, “You are that never ending song of all that is Good, and right in life that we are waiting to hear sung”, and “You are the amazing, fulfilling, and engaging dream of magnificence that has been pushing and edging out of yourself to be given the birth that it so deserves”.

So I ask you again, what have you been waiting for, what have you been waiting for; and, isn’t it time we all have stopped waiting for it, and make it the time of waiting no more; for you are what we have all been waiting for, let yourself shine out bright for all of us to see, what we all have been waiting for, and so it is. Amen and amen

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