“We Can Always be Better”

We can always be better, we can always do better, and we can always find it within our hearts to be more today than we were yesterday. We are so fortunate that we live in a time that is bustling with new and improved technology which is affording us the opportunity to make more of ourselves if that is the dream for us to attain. I see in my own life numerous opportunities to make today more productive, more exciting and even more of a blessing to those that I continue to meet along this journey that I am on called life. It is not by accident that I meet others in my life that feel the same way that I do, and that is because like attracts like, be it positive or negative.

By wanting more for myself and for the world that I see myself being a part of, allows the message that continues to be sent out to the Universe, that all she wants is all that she sends out and that is positivity. What you generate in your mind shows our Heavenly Spirit, our Lord and Savior that my child wants only good to be given to her because that is what my child is putting out into this world. I want to attract to me only the positive light of God and Godly actions of others, so that when I do on occasion have an encounter with something other than my nature; I allow myself to move beyond and away from anything and everything that is not congruent with my nature, or to put it another way, that is not like minded with what my mind likes.

I see my life as an instrument that will allow me and those that I think like and those that are like me positively filled with the unwavering thoughts and actions of hope that even though things may see bleak right now, and even though things may feel that all is lost, I will always remember these words that my Heavenly Father has said to me.

“My love I give to you, and my love for you, you must give out to the world. That is what you must care about, that is what your concern should be; and what you see outward in this day and time is not what I have planned for you and your life. Yes, things may seem to others to be dire, and yes, things may seem to the outside world to be of concern, but for you my child and for all my children, what you should remember and what you should know is that I am here to make those crooked streets straight, and I am here to make those dark spaces lite with the light and love of God, and I am here to always allow you the opportunity to make it better, for I am the great I AM, and nothing and no one can change that.”

Thank you my Father, for once again showing me that my life will always be better than what it seems, and thank you my Father, for allowing me to never forget who and whose I am, and thank you my Father for showing me once again that the light of you, shines on and within me; and because of that I can, and I will always be more than I was before. For this and all the Good that it entails, we say and so it is, amen and amen. God bless you all,

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