“We are Radiant Spiritual Beings”

Today as I was enjoying day 2 of the 21-day Meditation Challenge of Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey, the mantra for today was “I am a radiant spiritual being”. So since I see us as all things that are positive in this world, I wanted to change that to be “we are radiant spiritual beings, all of us, and that is what we are going to feel and discuss today. What I love more than anything in this World is the fact that we are able to see ourselves as something so meaningful and so fulfilling at any moment; we can change our minds and change our outcomes of this or that, by just changing our minds and seeing things, and people, and places, differently if that is what we choose to feel at that moment.

So you have a thought in your mind, that tells you that today; today of all days you are going to be different with yourself and with your interaction with others. You are going to first take some time today, to sit quietly by yourself and just clear your mind of any and all thoughts. Let’s say we will begin to meditate for just 15 minutes and see what that beginning period of time does for you and your psyche. I find that by meditating once in the morning, and again in the afternoon, and then one final time in the evening, that I am able to feel closer to not only the Heavenly Spirit, but I am feeling more in tune with myself. I am feeling the radiance of my spiritual being spreading out into the atmosphere all the thoughts of love and forgiveness that I feel inside to be shared with the World at that time.

Take the time each and every day to spend time with yourself, to spend time with the Heavenly Spirit, and to spend time loving on you. What a day that would turn out to be, when all you needed to think about from one day to the next, is how and when you would spend time to love on yourself for being the radiant spiritual being that you are, that we all feel you are, and that God knows that you are. Spend some time nourishing your mind, so that you may spend even more time, nourishing the soul that you have, that will shine out into this World, that here is another one of your magnificent expressions of love and joy in this World; expressing and impressing out into the Universe, just what they truly feel is so important to them, and that is love, love of self, love to our fellow man and woman, and love to this World, what a wonderful thought you just had today. Continue to share those thoughts forever with all of us, as we will continue to share our thoughts of love of self, and love of others with you, and so it is, amen and amen. God bless you all

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