“We are Family”

We are Family, we are family, I remember when I was thinking about these words and I’ve been dealing with my family, and dealing with my Spiritual family, and my extended family, and my family. I began to realize how important that word really was or how important that word really is to me, family. I think I have said before that I was adopted and by being adopted I always felt that I was loved, and I always knew that my Mother and Father, the only Mother and Father I ever knew loved me, but now that their gone, and I’m grown and I’m on my own and I’m by myself here, I don’t have much family here in California.

And of course I have from time to time wondered about my birth Mother, wondered about what she looked like, what she smelled like, what she talked like. I’ve always wondered but in all those wonders, and in all those thoughts, and in all those feelings I still always had my extended family. My friends who embraced me as the brothers and sisters that they are and they showed me the love that a brother and sister would show a family member, family. And then there is my Spiritual family, the Spiritual family that I go to and I spend a lot of my time with that have now become my additional extended family, family.

And then it’s my Mother’s side of the family, and my Father’s side of the family, are the ones that I am not as close to as I would like to be but they are too my family. The word family has so many meanings and holds so many contexts, and means so much to so many people. But when you are all alone, when you are all alone in a place by yourself sometimes it’s hard to realize how much family you really have, family.

But you are never really all alone are you, even though you may feel all alone you are never really all alone because God is always there with you; and He is and will always be my family, my source of inspiration, my Spirit that I rely on to comfort me when I am by myself without my physical family. My Heavenly Father is the family that I have always had when it was dark and dim and not full of light, but He was always there to provide me with what I needed to understand that you are not alone, you always have family there with you. You are always part of a family, and you are always loved by the family that sees you, the family that hears you, the family that wants you to be a part of their lives, you are always there, and you will always have family.

Yes, it feels so wonderful to know that even though I have a Husband here and children in Colorado, and I have a girlfriend who is on her way back from Atlanta. I have a lot of family, a lot of people that I can call when I want to share my joys, and there’s also that family that I call when I just want to share my pain, my family. Thank God for my family, thank God for my family, thank God for my friends, thank God for the amazing people that are my friends, that are my extended family that show me how much they care for me, that are always willing to pick up the phone and say, “I was just thinking about you today how are you doing?”

Or, “you know I haven’t seen you in a while,I want to come by and just spend some time with you is that alright?” Or, my favorite is, “I was thinking about going to lunch today but I think I want to take someone with me, and I would like to take you with me do you want to come?” Yes, I want to come, yes I am so appreciative for my family, be they just my Husband, be they just my children and my Husband, or be they my Spiritual family or be they my extended family, I am very thankful for all of you that I am able to call my family. And as we become even closer to one another, and as we see the beginning of Fall coming and the closeness that Fall brings into the air of family, we realize that those dinners that are going to be coming up for Thanksgiving, and those dinners that will be coming up for Christmas and those celebratory periods that we will share for New Years; and all the people I want to see around me are my family.

Each and every one of you are my family, I thank you for being my family, I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your families, and I thank you for allowing a little girl who was adopted all those many years ago, and finds herself many times on an island by herself, but she realizes that she is not by herself because she has you, her family, her La Familia, her family, I thank you, I thank you, I thank you my family, and so it is.

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