“We Are a Living Testimony”

We are a living testimony, in which we show other people how amazing our lives have become because of the love and grace of God. So since we are going to tell our stories to each other, I will go first and tell you mine. I have finally realized why I have been created and to be truthful it took me a while to figure it out. As we are formed from the sheer essence of this World, into a mold that allows us to take this human form as we make this spiritual journey, we realize that all that is waiting for our arrival is Good. The Goodness of our Mother’s milk provided us with the nutrients that we all needed to begin our journey, just as the words of the Most High allows us to feel the Spirit’s space within our own bodies with the nutrients that it needs to guide us on our way.

We are a living testimony that shows out into this world, that even though my journey was not what I had planned it to be, I have still through it all made my way to the promised land that was foretold to me. I came from the brink of despair, and I was saved to live, to shine the light of God through me and to others that I meet along my way. And isn’t that what life is all about, you are given numerous opportunities to make a change, to make something better than it was, to see a wrong and to make a stand, to make a right for all of us.

I cannot remember the first time I told someone “No” in my life, but I can always remember telling people “Yes”; yes you will survive this disease, and yes, you will be so much more tomorrow than you are today if you believe within your own heart that it is so. And yes, we do all need to learn to love ourselves so that we can open up ourselves to be able to love others. I find that this thing I call my life is moving right along, and as I take each day and find new and improved ways to love myself, to love others and to love and forgive those in the World that have been hurtful and or mean to me. I realize that we all have a journey to take with our lives, and even though I may not know what your journey is, I do know this. That as long as you don’t share your story with others, how will others know what they too can do in their lives to make a difference, to make amends about something, and to love each other and to love themselves?

Yes, we are all living testimonies, and the book that was written on all of us is still being written; just eagerly awaiting the additional and numerous pages that we are writing with our own lives. May the love of God continue to show you that your story is still being written, as the love of God allows you to write it page by page your life’s story. Thank you God for showing us all that there are no limitations in this world on us, or to be done to us, but by us ourselves. Write your living testimony, and when it is written, take it and hang it high so that we all can see, that a life worth living, is a life worth fighting for, and a life worth writing about, is your living testimony. I look forward to reading your story, as I hope you are excited to read mine. God bless you all,

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