“We all have special gifts”

We all have special gifts, dear Heavenly Father, thank you; thank you Lord for allowing me to see that all is well, and that we all have special gifts. One of the most amazing things that I had an opportunity to participate in was a girlfriend’s Bridal Shower Brunch. And at this brunch I met 13 of the most amazing women I had ever met, and each of these women came to support another amazing woman who was going through a new period of her life, she was going to become a couple in matrimony within a month.

As we all sat in the living room of the beautiful home where we attended the bridal shower brunch, and we shared our stories of love, of companionship, and of togetherness with each other, and about each other, we also shared our stories of how long we had known each other, and how long we had been married for those of us that were married at the time. There were a couple of us there that had been married for short periods of time; for less than 10 years, for 10 years, for 17 years and then there were two of us ladies that had been married for 27 years; I being one of them. And as we talked around the table in the living room, we also asked each other what was your secret to longevity in your marriage?

And as I looked at each beautiful woman in the room, we were all diverse, from different nationalities and ethnic groups, but we all had one thing so strongly in common, and that was our spirituality; we each rested on the love and the support of our faith to help us through whatever challenge or opportunity that would arise in our relationships with others. As one lady said who had been married for 27 years, that what she found so amazing was that even though her and her beloved had evolved, and had changed throughout the years, they still loved each other for who that new person was, and became throughout those years, they never tried to change each other, and they took each other for who they were at the time; truly amazing.

And as I shared about my 27 years, and how I did it, and what was my secret; I too had to say that I felt comfortable in myself at this time. When I first got married I was in my twenties, and as I celebrate my 27th wedding anniversary, I am now in my fifties; and the girl who breathed life into that body has matured, has evolved, and has also changed; and what has become of her is something that is even more magnificent than what she was previously. The revelation of change in yourself, as you turn to look to your partner, who has also changed throughout the years, but the love that you have for each other, and the love that you have for self is still what binds you together, that is to me my secret.

The day was comprised of a lot of sharing, and as the bride-to-be spoke to each one of us around the table, and around the room; she gave each of us our two to three minutes of how she met us, what we meant to her, and how we influenced and changed her life, it was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever witnessed before. Most of the 13 ladies there did not know each other, some knew of each other, but the majority of us all met each other for the first time; and, many of the ladies I had met for the first time as well. But there was one lady in particular the silver haired fox, who remembered me from a previous woman’s gathering, and she asked me if I had brought some pieces of my written words to share with the ladies on this day.

To be honest, I didn’t have my bag with me, and I wasn’t prepared, and I hadn’t even thought of speaking at this special event; but I did have and I had been working on a special piece for the bride’s-to-be wedding. So I pulled out my phone, and I pulled up a piece, and I recited it to the group; and then I asked them if they had ever experienced meditation, and they said that they had, and I proceeded to look for a meditation to share with them as well. Unable to locate just what I was looking for on my phone I decided to put my phone down, and to call heavily on the Heavenly Spirit to guide me at this time.

What He provided me with was something more meaningful, than I could have ever written quickly at the moment, and the gist of the meditation was this; we were very thankful, we were very appreciative, and we all felt so blessed to be in the honor of such magnificent women as we shared ourselves, shared our lives, and shared with each other; we were vulnerable, we were honest, and we were so very open, and after I recited my meditation, I felt so drained, I felt that I had given all of myself right there. It took a moment to compose myself, but I remember thinking to myself that it felt so good to be open, and to be loved by women who really didn’t know me, but at that moment there was so much love in the room; yes all was well, all was well.

So today as you make your way through your very exciting and eventful day, I want you to think about the people that you meet, and that you are able to share a very special moment in time with; the conversations that you have with each other, the opportunities to let down your guard, and just to be vulnerable with each other, for a moment sharing with each other, how it feels to experience an event in life such as a marriage, or a wedding, or a beautiful Saturday afternoon; and by providing insight to not only how your journey manifested into the joy that you feel right here and right now, but sharing with others maybe a tidbit or a talent or a special gift that might provide them with some insight on bringing joy into their lives as well.

Yes, I want to thank the 13 amazing women that I met on that Saturday afternoon, for an illuminating day to be sure; and as I left the group and said my good byes, I said to the host that I would love for us to meet again next year, same time, same period, so we could all share what we learned from each other, and what we learned of ourselves, by experiencing this amazingly vulnerable moment in time with each other.

To my girlfriend Ladonna, who is getting ready to experience one of the most magnificent events in her life; I say to you my sister, I am so happy for you, my sister, I am so proud of you, and my sister, you are so deserving of all your blessings; enjoy the love, enjoy the peace, and enjoy the companionship with the love of your life, and so it is, Amen and amen. God bless you all

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