“Walk with me”

Dear Heavenly Father, sweet Loving Presence; I hear the words walk with me, walk with me. And my Father as you know when I began my journey in this life-time, I started out in a crawl and then I began to stumble, and then I began to walk, and then I began to run. And as I began to run toward you, toward a life that would be filled with the love and the goodness of you, that is when my run became a sprint, and I sprinted into your arms to be embraced in the love of the Heavenly Spirit and to be totally awakened by all that was there to be witness to, walk with me.

Let me take my time as I put my shoes on, and as I brush my feet off of the sand and dust that they once had, and now they are allowed to be covered in new shoes that will allow me to walk faster, and closer, and more expeditiously with you, to walk with you; walk with me you tell me. Walk with me and share my words of love, of goodness, of faith, of hope, of joy, of all good things, walk with me. And as I walk with you, and as I allow myself to be taken on a journey that I have no idea what the outcome will be. But I trust in you, that you will take me down a road that will manifest something that will provide me with all that I need so that I may be all that I can be, walk with me.

Walk with me and see for yourself your life foretold, as a journey that was willing, needed, and necessary, and evolved to be, walk with me. I will walk with you, I will follow you to wherever I need to go to be fully open to receive what is necessary for my soul, I will walk with you. And during that journey that we have together, during that hike of the Himalayas that we have together, I will see that I am not tired no, I am not withered and tired from the walk, I am rejuvenated, I am re-generated, I am re-energized because I am walking with you.

Thank you God for allowing me to walk with you; thank you God for allowing me to journey down this path of what is next in my life with you; thank you God for showing me that all that I need, all that I need to make this journey with you is already here. I need to just open up my eyes and to look inside, and I will see what was meant to be; yes I will walk with you. Yes I will travel with you, yes I will follow you to where you will lead me to go, I will walk with you; will you walk with us? Will you walk with us, will you walk with us and see for yourself how amazingly magnificent your life can be once you walk with the Heavenly Spirit.

Let the Heavenly Spirit foretell for you a World, a life, a dream filled with all good things. Walk with us, let us walk together, let us come together, and band together, and circle around together as we bring our synergy of love out into this World together, walk with us, walk with me; I will walk with you, I will walk with you, and so it is, and so it is, Amen and amen.

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