“Visions of You”

Visions of you; let me open my eyes to see the magnificent vision of you. Let me open my mind to understand, to comprehend and to realize that you are what makes my world complete. Visions of you run around in my mind and allow me to see clearly that everything, everything that I have needed, everything that I have wanted, and everything that was necessary in my life, was given to me because of visions of you. My vision of you the dream, the illumination, the true undertaking to realize that all these things that revolve out of opportunities, great opportunities to make a difference in this world came from visions of you.

My visions of you, my vision of this world changed to allow all of us, every single one of us to be allowed to express ourselves creatively, and to be allowed to express ourselves spiritually, as we all run and reach toward our destination to be with you, my visions of you. My visions of you show you in my life in all of the different times, I see visions of you during the positive times that were celebratory, and during the negative times that were lessons learned, there were visions of you in my mind, visions of you in my heart, visions of you in my soul, visions of you in my life. What a blessing it is to know that no matter what happens, how it happens, when it happens, where it happens and for what reason it happens, there is always going to be you there for me.

My visions of you my Lord, my Heavenly Spirit allows me to see these visions, and I realize that the visions of you have been placed in my mind so that there is always a sense of understanding what the true true picture is for my life. My visions of you enable me to carry on; my visions of you allow me to see from the dawn of day to the dusk of night, my visions of you. When I look in my mind, and I try to realize what should I have done differently I see my vision of you, speaking to me about what was done correctly, what is needed to be done differently, and what just worked out the way it was supposed to correctly. My visions of you, my visions of you, enable me to see that my life is a blessing, enables me to see that my existence is necessary, enables me to realize that my being here is worthwhile, my visions of you.

I thank you Heavenly Spirit, for allowing me to have these visions of you, I thank you Heavenly Father, for allowing me to see that the visions of you are in my life for a reason, to provide for me the illumination that I need to be one with my purpose. My visions of you, allow me to see my life for what it was definitely and truly destined to be, my visions of you, my visions of you, my visions of you, and so it is. God bless you all,

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