“Victor, Victory, Victorious”

Dear Heavenly Father I thank you again for once again showing me who I am. Lord I am a victor, and I see victory, and because of that vision I feel victorious; and that’s only because I rely on you. I am a victor, I take away any victim mentality that may have been in my mind and I see victory; I see within my scope the idea, the manifestation, the illumination, the true meaning of victory in my life, and because of this true meaning of victory, I am victorious. I feel it in my veins flowing through me as life sustaining blood is flowing through my body and telling me that I am victorious, because I’ve stayed strong in my faith; to be victorious, to be a victor and to see victory is what it is all about. To finally realize within your heart that yes my life is my life because my Lord loves me, and I am divinely protected by that love.

I cannot see myself cowering in despair because of what may or may not happen to me. I cannot rest assure that I won’t see victory because that is the only thing that I feel in my being. And victory, victory is all of ours to receive, take the time to see for yourself a new way, a new vision, a new arrival to your horizon. You are a victor, and because of that victory is yours to have, and by having that victory you feel victorious, and those are the words for today; victor, victory, victorious, don’t you just love the ring of the sound of them.

Can’t you just feel how powerful they are when you add them into your life? When you add those three words into your existence, when you see for yourself that this is what my Father has been instilling in me. This is what my Father has been telling me all along, this is what is my true essence. I am a victor in all of my affairs that bless this World, I see victory in all of my dealings, and I am victorious because of that feeling, because of that mindset, because that is what I am. Victor, victory, victorious; say the words and put the words “I am” in front of it.

Because the Heavenly Father sees you as the victor, the Heavenly Spirit sees you in victory, and the Holy Spirit, the Heavenly Spirit, the Great I Am sees you as totally victorious. Victor, victory, victorious never see yourself in any other way, strike out all the limitations you have put in your mind, and into yourself and say never again, will I see myself as other than a victor, never again will I see myself other than in victory, and never again will I feel in my life anything other than victorious, because of who and what I am, as a magnificent expression of the great I Am. I am all those things and tied together in love those blessings are poured out into the World.

Yes we are a victor, yes we see victory, and yes we feel victorious in knowing that this is so. So I say to you today as you make your way throughout your day, I want you to see yourself, as you have seen yourself before as a child, but the thoughts may have left you as you became an adult. So today see yourself as a child of victory, see yourself as a child who is victorious, and see yourself as that child who is a victor, because that is what and who you are as a child of the Great I Am, you are blessed with all you need to be victorious in your life, take it upon yourself to continue to see that in yourself as you stand with your head high and your chest full of the love that God has given you.

Today is your day to be that victor, it has always been your day to see victory, and because of that you will feel victorious all the days of your life. For you are a victor, for you see victory, and because of that you are victorious, share this with the world today, let us all see what it looks like, let us all see what it looks like, let us all see what it looks like, and so it is, Amen and amen. God bless you all

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