“Toot your own horn”

Toot your own horn.  Today toot your own horn.  Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; you know what is so amazing to me is that when you read someone’s biography in their book, or when you read their story; people say some of the most amazing things about themselves in print.  But they never are able to say those things about themselves person-to-person or they never proclaim: I have done, I am this, I have become this.  And I think we need to do that more often.  I remember recalling something that was said I don’t know exactly who had mentioned it but it was someone who said to toot your own horn.

Where has it been stated that you can’t say how grateful you are because you have become this magnificent expression that God knew you to be, toot your own horn.  Say yes I have a degree in that and yes I’ve gone here, and yes I have done that and yes I am qualified because I have prepared myself by the love of God in my life to be all that I can be.  To be the servant that I am needed to be, and by being that servant I need to let you know what my qualifications are.  I need to toot my own horn; I need to see myself as the world sees me when they read about me in my biography or in my heaven forbid obituary.  I don’t want to be told how magnificent I am then, I want to tell myself how magnificent I am now so that I can bask in that loving light of the Heavenly Spirit in my time on Earth.

If you have done something amazing in your life, let it be known to others that you have done this.  And I don’t think of it as bragging or as being egotistical, you’re not saying it because of that, but what you are saying is God has blessed me by allowing me to bless myself, which allows me to bless others, can you feel what I’m saying.  Allow yourself to see within yourself what God has done in your life so other people can see that God is working all the time, for all of us.  The miracles that I seek are just the same miracles that you seek, and if you are able to get yours I am surely able to get mine. Toot your own horn let us know what God is doing magnificent in your life.  Let us know what doors God is opening for you in this existence, let us see the miracles that are happening so that we can know that these miracles do exist.

I remember when I said to my husband I wanted us to have our own home before the end of the year.  My husband said to me I don’t know how that is possible, we already have obligations and we, I don’t see how that is possible.  But I said I had put out into the universe to God that I want, that I need; my family needs this miracle to occur, in our lives, at this time, by your hand.  Because it was obviously not going to happen by my hands alone and the Heavenly Father made a way out of no way continuously and we are seeing a miracle happening in our midst.  So I say to you today toot your own horn let us know what God has done in your life, let us know what you have accomplished because of the grace of God, let us know these things, don’t keep these things to yourself.

How would we know the works, the miracles, the good works that God has done if we don’t share those testimonies with each other.  We are always willing to share the test, we are always willing to share the challenge, we are always willing to share the circumstance but are we willing to share the magnificent glory that God brings into our life?  Are we willing to share the miracles that we see happen every single day in our lives?  Are we willing to share those? Those are what we need to share; I want to share more positiveness out into the world.  I want to share more goodness out into the world, I want to take out of my vocabulary anything that is negative so that the only thing that you hear from my lips are words of praise for the glory that God has given us all.  Glory be to God for the good that we receive, glory be to God for the lessons that we learn, and glory be to God for all of it is his glory.

Thank you God for the blessings you have bestowed upon me, thank you Father for the blessings you have bestowed upon us all and thank you God for letting us know that it is possible to see miracles happening every single day.  As we share these miracles with each other, we share these miracles with the World, and so it is amen and amen.

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