“Three Times a Day”

Good morning Blessed Ones;

Good morning my Heavenly Father, today Lord, I feel amazing. I am filled with the love of Spirit in my heart, and filled with the joy that this new day brings to my soul. Lord I have helped people this week; I have provided comfort to others, I have prayed for myself, I have prayed for others, I have prayed with people, it is so important to me that we remain prayed up to truly receive all of our blessings.

Lord, I met with someone yesterday, a very good friend and she explained to me that she was depressed; she explained to me how she felt separated from you, and she explained to me that even though she had all of the creature comforts of this world; a beautiful home, a loving husband, a family that loves and cares for her, and a job, she was still not happy. She was still not filled with the Spirit at this time, so we spoke a little bit her and I, and we talked about what were her dreams before she came to this country, we talked about what were her aspirations before she came to be married. And, she explained to me that she would pray daily and often, that was her spiritual routine, sharing her love of God with herself, with her family, and with you our Heavenly Father.

She misses not being able to do that, is what she said to me; she said she doesn’t have time in her day to pray, and when she does have time it is always taken up by other duties and other matters, and because of this, she felt so separated from God. From the love that she had been sharing and having with God, so what I told her yesterday was this; even though you have left your relationship with God, God has not left his relationship with you. She told me on occasion she knew he was watching her, she knew God was always kind of looking after her because she said she would feel little things, that led her to believe that He was watching over her. I asked her if she had anything that she would want to see different in her life, as a goal that she wanted to make for herself what would that be? And she said that would be to begin praying every day again; now to many of us when we look at a goal in our life, we look at a goal that is so far unimaginable that it’s just not even reachable, sometimes we put goals in our lives that we know we can’t reach it at the first stab at it, but we just put it out there to the Universe anyway because we want to see ourselves determined to go after something more for ourselves, and more for this world.

I told her the goal that she has now put in front of herself is attainable in so many different ways. The way that she wants to start spending more time with God is so easy; open yourself up and he will be there. Open yourself up to the spiritual side in your life that was lost, that was missing, that was misplaced and He will be there. I explained to her that my life too has changed; my life has changed from a life that was soulfully embraced with concerns and worries, but now, I don’t worry any more, I don’t; and I think I stopped worrying the day I said God these concerns and challenges are larger than I, and they need you to handle them; and by releasing all of those worries and concerns to God, I have no worries and that’s a good thing. And what has been replaced by worry is now love and the loving power of forgiveness as well. So I replaced worry with love and forgiveness and by doing that God calmed my heart, he calmed my spirit, and he gave me back my life. So I talked to my friend and we decided that the first thing we were going to start working on for that goal of hers was to begin spiritually starting every day with a word of prayer with the Father, and then during her mid-day meal she would then spend more time with the Father, and then in the evening she would end her day with thanking the Father for all he has done for her.

I remember when I was receiving meditation instruction from an organization called the Brahma Kumaris, and I was being given training by Sista Joni; and the blessed Sista Hansa would say to me, you feed your soul just like you feed your body; three times a day you feed your body the nourishment that it needs to survive, and three times a day you feed your soul the spiritual nourishment that it needs to survive as well. So as I said goodbye to my friend yesterday, and as we hugged and kissed each other, and I hugged and kissed the family and said goodbye and got on the road going back home that evening. I realized that even though we may feel that we are separated from the loving embrace of God in our lives that God has never left us. Even though we may feel that we don’t see God right there like we used to, God is still there; and even though there is a place in her heart that she feels is not being filled up with the love of God, that heart space will begin to fill up again with all the love that God wants to give her and she wants to share with him.

So today, as we begin this day we feed our body three times today to nourish each and every cell and molecule in our body, and then we feed our body spiritually three times today and every day as we nourish the spirit within us; that nourishes our body, nourishes our soul, nourishes our heart, and nourishes our mind. As the all mighty God sees for you, and as you should always see for yourself, a nourished body, a nourished spirit, and a nourished soul is a blessing to not only yourself but to God as well. God bless you all and amen and amen.

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