“There are no coincidences there is only God acting anonymously”

There are no coincidences there is only God acting anonymously. Good day Blessed Ones, good day Blessed Ones; so yesterday I had an opportunity to get paid and because of that payment from my job that allows me to live my life in the opulent style that I do as a State employee, I am rich because of the Lord, thank you God. But as I said I got paid yesterday, and I had some bills I had to pay, and I had some obligations I had to take care of, and I had some services I needed rendered so I went and started taking care of my business during my lunch hour.

And as I decided that I would go ahead and swing by a friends business to see if she was still interested in attending the live performances “Another Night at the Delta King”. I went there and yes she was, and I got her her tickets, which was a blessing. But then I decided to go see my girlfriend who does my hair Akilah, and we have an appointment today matter of fact, and I wanted to make sure If I could get in with her a little bit earlier since I have another obligation later on this afternoon.

Well while I was there, there were two young women there, very nice young women, and one of the ladies there was very vocal, we had a great conversation, very interesting. So I found out that we knew some of the same people, we were doing some of the same things, and it was a great networking opportunity, I look forward to pursuing some information with her it was very just very amazing. But what she said to me was there are no coincidences there is only God acting anonymously, and every time you think that something happens to you. Oh that’s that is just amazing that’s a coincidence, no it’s not a coincidence, you are placed on this path, this road, this location, this time of day to meet someone else during that time and that was God doing that.

She gave me some information I needed regarding some banners, that my husband and I are going to order for our catering business, that my husband is going to be one of the chefs at this Gumbo cook-off event. And she also provided me some information about publishing my book; and you know I want to self-publish that is my dream, but if I can find someone who wants to publish my book, well thank you God for that. So it was just like oh my God, what other door can we open and there will be a prize behind it because God was acting anonymously. God was taking me through these little things, meeting people, seeing people, helping them helping me put the puzzles together by allowing me to be open and just walking the path that he was setting out for me to walk.

I just feel that the things that happen in my life have happened in my life because God is working through me, working for me, and allowing my prayers to be answered as well. So I’m on my way home and I’m saying Oh God thank you for such and amazing day, dear Heavenly Father oh my gosh what a blessing today has been. But you know I still have some other blessings that I need to ask you for, and sometimes you know I don’t want to beg, I don’t like begging, because God does not have a begging child, but I do want the Lord, my Heavenly Father and my Heavenly Spirit to know that, you know I need a little bit more of your blessing in this area, whatever that area may be.

So my husband and I we prayed, and we put it out there that positive energy, and I said now Baby if we are going to go to the next level with this thing that we are doing, we are going to have to have faith in God, that God is going to allow that to happen. Because sometimes when you keep trying to push it yourself, you realize that you know it is just not working. So I put it in the hands of the Heavenly Father, and I said Lord this is like the 4th quarter and like five seconds to go before the buzzer is going to go off, and I need your help. So we finished praying and began to enjoy the rest of the evening, so I took an opportunity to look at my phone and bam there was an opportunity, somebody was looking for a caterer to cater an event in a week for 60 people, thank you God for the blessing, thank you God for the blessing, thank you God, for the blessing.

So that made me realize that what that lady had told me when I met her earlier in the day, that there are no coincidences there was only God acting anonymously was so true, it was so amazingly true and I was bearing witness to that. Lord you are truly truly amazing, I want you to know that it is so hard sometimes for people to realize that if they just pray and let go, and then rest, and let the blessings happen from You, and trust in the process that what is needed for you, will be given to you, because God will allow that to happen anonymously.

I thank you God for the anonymous blessings today, I thank you God for the opportunities that you have allowed me to see in my life by trusting in You, by sitting back and saying I have done all that I can do now Lord I need a blessing from You. I have done everything that I’ve been asked to do, I’ve done everything that I can do, and now Lord I wait and await your demonstration of a blessing being given to me anonymously. We can also call that miracles received in expected and unexpected places; you can call it a miracle, you can call it a blessing, you can call it abundance, you can call it prosperity, you can call it whatever you like, but it is positively a gift from God.

Yes, my Father you are truly amazing, and I say again I thank you for the blessing, I say again that I thank you for the opportunity to be blessed, the opportunity to be made whole, and the opportunity to be once again receive all the love that you give me to be bestowed in my heart, Lord you’ve given me the opportunity to continue on with a dream, and I thank you for that, I thank you God so much for that, and so it is, Amen and amen.

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