“The Word No is such a Hard Word to Say”

I have taken a few days off to settle my mind, and rejuvenate my body; so please forgive me that we have not spoken for the last couple of days. I find that my new word for the rest of this year is going to be “No”. No I can’t do that, and no I cant help with that, and no I am overloaded and overburdened with this and that, and I am sorry the word is no. I really don’t need to say that so much to other people as I need to say those two small but very powerful words to myself. As I try to be all I can for everyone and myself, I have found out that by being that woman who thinks she can handle 15 different jobs at one time, wears me out and makes my body wore out as well. And to paraphrase the words of my beloved Pastor, “Gerrie, even Jesus the Christ took one day off for the Sabbath”. So there you go, there is no need to work yourself to almost ruin 7 days a week, and thank you Rev. Kev. for the enlightenment; and, I will and I have promised myself that I will slow down and I will learn to say “No” to not only others but mostly to myself.

I wish you all a day filled with the love of God in your hearts, and the love of yourself as well, as a way of reminding yourself, and myself, that it is our duty to be a blessing to this world by shining out into this world love, joy, forgiveness, and all Good things, but you and I won’t be able to do any of that if we wear ourselves out, and leave this place earlier than we had anticipated only because we wore ourselves out in the process. I look forward to sharing with you all my words next week, and to those of you that are interested in reading my blog as well, you can find those words at http://www.wordpress.gerriewalkerinspires.com. May you continue to shine out into this World what this World has wanted from you all along, love, love, love and more love. God bless you all,

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