“The Singer and the Runner”

Good day Blessed Ones;

I am having a wonderful day, and I had a wonderful weekend as well, and if I was to tell you that I spent Saturday at two celebrations of life you probably would say to yourself well how was that wonderful, but oh to be honest it was magnificent. I took my Husband with me because I wanted him to meet these two amazing people that I had the opportunity to know. The first person was a co-worker of mine whom I had worked with at a previous unit, who was to me an amazing gift from God. I cherished our cubicle friendship that we had, and I cherished his sharing with me of his personal life, his huge spirit, and his loving demeanor, he was truly a man with a gift from God. He was a singer, a classical singer who wasn’t classically trained but he had the gifts of providing such eloquence of song from his voice that it was like he had been trained by the masters.

And then the second celebration of life I went to was for a young man; who I thought was young, but it turned out he was older than I was; but a young man who had run a 50-mile endurance race and even though that may not sound like a big idea to anyone, but what sounded like a big idea to me was that he was visually impaired. He ran marathons and he received his orange belt in karate, he was a magnificent man who just didn’t have his cape with him at all times so that he could fly and soar through the sky.

How amazing it is when you go to a function like these and you hear how people actually lived their lives. They had lives, it just wasn’t all work, and coming home and feeding the children, and getting ready for the next day and doing it all over again, they had lives. And then I looked at how all this reflected on my life, how I could see God’s presence in both of them, how I could see the love of the Heavenly Spirit shine down on both of them, and how that enabled them to share their gifts with others. Yes, when I go to my resting place with the Heavenly Spirit, I look forward to my life being exposed so that people can know about my life, that I did everything, I went everywhere, and that I tried to make this place a better place because that is why we are here.

What beauty and grace can you bring into someone else’s life, by sharing with them a piece of yours that is what I received from them on Saturday. I received the understanding that these two individuals were amazing men, who led fantastic and enjoyable lives, and even though they both probably never knew each other, but that they both shined light so brightly out into this world. I want to thank you my friend and cubicle mate for the amazing stories and the amazing life that you led that I was able to be a witness to much of it. And I want to thank you the other young man who provided a service to us in the building where we worked but he also provided an illumination to this world by showing it how bright the light you can shine out when you can’t even see a light yourself.

What a beautiful weekend I had, thank you God for allowing me to share those two individuals with my Husband, thank you God for allowing me to share these two individuals with all of you today, and thank you God for showing me that its never to late to live your life the way you want too full of energy, full of excitement, full of your purpose, full of your vision, full of life; and it is more than just going to work and coming home, it is a magnificent journey that needs to be shared with this world.

The young man who ran the marathons who was visually impaired they are setting up a foundation for him, to help other people who are visually impaired to be able to run, to be able to be in sports, to be able to be in Olympics, and to be able to live their lives to the fullest and I will continue to provide information on that once I receive that information myself. And to my cubicle family member who had the voice of the angels, and sang like there was truly a heavenly choir here on earth, his memory, his plays, his productions, his musicals, the albums that will be dedicated to him because of his gift, we will see his life as well carry on because his memory was so strong, and his memory meant so much to so many.

We see him now in Heaven singing with the Celestial choir, and providing for the Heavenly Spirit at a closer view of what he provided for us here on Earth. Thank you God for this beautiful day, thank you God for the beautiful experience that I received, and thank you God for letting me see what it truly looks like, and what it truly feels like, and what it truly is to live your life, by giving pleasure and yourself to others, and so it is. God bless you all, Amen and amen

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