“The questions that I ask?”

I have a question or questions for you.  When was it that you realized how important it is to bring happiness into the lives of others?  And when was it that you found out just how important your whole existence is in the scheme of things?  And when did it occur to you that by bringing happiness and blessings into the lives of others allows you to bring forth the greatest service you could ever give to the Heavenly Spirit?  When did you realize your mortality?  And when did you begin to realize the mortality of others?  It is always important when we look back at ourselves at different times in our lives; and the seasons help to provide us with that inspiration.  That we see how far we have come from one year to the next, that we see how much we’ve grown from one year, from one month, oh let’s be real from one week to the next.

Because I don’t know about you but every day I am learning something new about myself, I am learning something new about this world, and I am learning something new about God.  And what I am learning is that every single day He loves me, and every single day of that love I am embraced in a spirit of such peace because I know my Heavenly Father is there for me at all times, and in all ways.  And what I have begun to realize as I continue to make this journey of my new self is that I am now blessed with the idea that my life is so much more than it had been before.  I used to; I used to think that if I didn’t think about something that it wouldn’t exist.  I used to think that if I pretended it wasn’t a thought in my mind than it would not affect me, and we all know that works for a time but that is not the ultimate way of seeing things.

No, I definitely have to say that to experience life in all its glory, I must experience it all, and I have said this before.  I must experience the bad with the good, and the pleasing with the unpleasant, and the totally glorious with the dismal.  But I must also see those glorious times, see those glorious periods, experience those glorious moments, and be thankful and grateful for them.  I am so extremely grateful that I was able to be with my husband while he was experiencing his illness.  I am so extremely grateful that I was able to change something in my life, as we are changing our lifestyles together.  But what I also realized is that wow how amazingly important it is to just want to love, to just want to be loved, to just want to see love, to just want to experience love, to just want to share love.

As we come into the holiday period especially the period of Thanksgiving, which is so much more of a blessing to me at this time, in this time of my life.  I realize that there is so much for me to be thankful for, and so much for me to be grateful for, and so much for me to finally see how much I should be grateful for.  No I may not always see my blessings right in front of me, but I can guarantee you when I take stock of my week, and I see all the blessings that have been manifested on my behalf I am extremely grateful.  But also what I see are the ways to be of service to others as a I provide blessings to them.  And isn’t that what life is all about, what brings me the most pleasure, the most satisfaction, the most gratitude is when I can be a blessing, when I can be a gift to someone else.

To be a blessing to someone else, to be something in their life that they needed at that specific exact time, that is what helps to answer all of the why and the what and the when and the where questions, that is what allows me to see a life fulfilled because it is a life of service.  Yes, I thank you God for all these amazing things you have given me.  I thank you God for the amazing blessings that you have bestowed upon me, and I thank you God for all the love that you allow me to receive, that you allow me to share, and that you allow me to give to others, that too helps me to answer all of the why, what, when and where questions.  But the one question that I know the answer to, the who and whom questions.  The who answer is I serve the all mighty and great “I AM” and the whom question is answered by saying that I am the one whom benefits from the love I receive from Him from the Spirit.  I am the one that receives the glory, I am the one who receives the blessings, and because of those blessings I see favor, and because of that favor I share my blessings with others.

Thank you God for this amazing period in my life, thank you God for this amazing lesson that I have learned, and thank you God for these amazing words that you have allowed me to share with others, that allows me to help us all see, help us all realize, help us all visualize, how amazingly wonderful our lives truly are by experiencing our lives fully, our lives thoroughly, our lives lovingly, and our lives manifestly, thank you God for the blessing and so it is, Amen and amen

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