“The Overwhelming Overflowing Abundance”

Good day Blessed Ones;

So I am just going to come out and say it, I am enjoying overwhelming overflowing abundance at this time in my life. Now let me explain because it sounds so out there doesn’t it, when someone says to you that I feel this amazing sense of positivity, of abundance overwhelmingly; and I feel this overflow of happiness that can only be attributed to the fact that I am filled with great joy and happiness, which together from what I have learned from our last Sunday’s service at Church means that I am “blissed out.”

Yes, you heard me correctly I am full of the word “bliss”. Now you may say to yourself as I would have if I were you, what do you mean that you are blissed out? What has happened to you, and what has influenced you and your life, to the point that you can even fathom this type of emotion with all that you have going on in your life and all that you are experiencing from one moment to the next? Well to be honest with you all, that is a promise that I have made to myself for this year, and that is what our church’s congregation has been tasked with for the year 2014. We have been asked to be blissed out, we have been asked to see within ourselves, and within our lives nothing but overwhelming, overflowing abundance in our lives, and just to take each and every day from that standpoint and see what happens.

You know I am not going to try to tell you, that to see life as something that is always positive and always forthcoming, with nothing but good things, good thoughts, and good times may not be something that you can feel you can accomplish while you are sitting at home unemployed, or while you are experiencing a health challenge, because to you at this particular time, that is not what you are feeling, the overwhelming overflowing of abundance of any type or any form in your life; but believe me when I tell that that is what you need to start feeling, that is what you need to start seeing, and that is what will allow you to pull yourself up from whatever it is that is holding you down, and to feel what is possible if you allow yourself to see your life the way you truly want your life to be.

Now, I may be experiencing the worst situation imaginable, and the World out there may have ideas as to ways of making that an even more challenge able experience; but since my Heavenly Father has entered my life, and since I am full to the brim with what feels so good to me right here and right now, I say to you as I am saying to myself, we are here to receive love and all good things on this Earth, and since the Universe sees fit to continue to bless me as I continue to show my blessings to this World by showing love, forgiveness, hope, faith and good things, well I will do what is the only right thing to do, and just accept it and just keep that good feeling moving forward and moving on.

I want to see my life continuing in a realm of happiness, I want to continue to find ways to bring about happiness to others, and as the Good Lord continues to be willing, and allows me the opportunity to continue to shine my light of love and hope out to so many others, I say Lord I will continue to be blissed out since you continue to bless me out as well. May you always see within yourself a life, that can be so much more if you just see that for yourself. See for yourself a life of joy, see for yourself a life of love, and see for yourself that overwhelming, overflowing abundance that is here for you to receive; and if all you need to do is think it to be true in your life, I say think it and make it so, I say think it and see what happens, I say think it and let the blessings rain down on you, that you are so worthy to receive, and that the Heavenly Father so wonderfully wants to give you, and for these blessings, and for this bliss we say three times, thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

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