“The Opportunity To”

One of the most amazing things I see in life now is “the opportunity to”; those three little words have almost replaced my favorite word “love” if you can believe that, but let me explain to you why. The opportunity to, love someone is a biggie for me as well, to now finally and full heartily people all over this great state of ours are able to love each other and to most importantly love themselves. I find it so amazing that there were once laws on the books that did not allow people of different races to love each other, and now we have progressed to the amazing stage in life where people of the same sex can now not only love each other but they can get married if that is what they want to do as well. And I have to say honestly it doesn’t matter to me which side of the issue that you are on, but what does matter to me, is that whoever you are, and whatever you are, as long as you are a consenting adult and a human being you should be able to experience love in your life, and for that I am truly grateful and thankful.

The opportunity to, give to others that may not have what you have, but the sheer fact that you want to give to them, is also so amazing. I heard an amazing story about a woman who runs a company called the Hunger Project, and how she gives the opportunity to the wealthy, and to corporations, and even to people like you and I, the opportunity to those who want to give monetary resources to others so that they may be able to eat on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis like the rest of us. What a blessing it is that someone feels within their own heart, that these individuals need to be shone how amazing it is to have an opportunity to make a difference in this world, by making a difference for others one meal at a time.

The opportunity to; so as I was meditating today and feeling all of the love of Spirit in my heart and in my mind, I began to realize that everything that occurs in this world, in my space and place in time, is happening for a reason; and even though many times I may not know exactly what that reason is, I do know this, and I would like to share that revelation with you. Anytime that you are given an opportunity to make a difference in this world by giving of yourself, by giving of your money energy, or by giving of acceptance, and of respect; that is put out into the Universe that you are a giver of the most Good that you can possibly muster up in your existence. You see this World, this place, and this moment, as a moment in time where you want to show any and all that will see it, that you stand up for something, and that something that is in you, shines out into this world God’s love on all of those that you see and that you touch.

Imagine this, imagine if we all felt that way all the time, imagine if we all began our day with the sheer thought that today, no matter what happens in the news, no matter what happens in the office; that everyone that I come across today on my life’s journey; I will embrace them with the thought of “the opportunity to” and then I will fill in the blank from there. I will greet them with the opportunity to love them if that is what is needed at the time, or I will greet them with the opportunity to help provide them with a meal to eat if that is what is needed as well; but, no matter what the need is, and no matter what the challenge will be; I will first and foremost greet it with “the opportunity to”, and believe me when I tell you, when you approach any and every situation, or challenge, or person, with that mindset; just imagine what Good works you can do, just imagine what Good works we all can do, to shine out into this world; that where there is breath in the body, there is love, and where there is love, there is peace of mind, and where there is peace of mind, there is all Good things, and where there is all Good things, there is God. May the love of God continue to provide you with the opportunities to, and may you the magnificent expressions of God, provide the tools to make those opportunities to change this world for not only yourself, but for all of us as well. God bless you

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