“The opportunity is still available to you, to make a difference in this world and in your life”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Spirit, as we continue to go forward into Holy Week the period from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday (the resurrection of Jesus the Christ), I find myself hearing over and over in my mind that the opportunity is still available to you.  The opportunity is still available to shine the love of self and the love of God into any area of your life that needs that light so feverishly.  The opportunity is still available to love on someone and especially if that someone is yourself.

There is never enough time to show each and every person in our lives just what they mean to us on any given day, however, make today an exception to that rule.  Make today the day that all the opportunities that were needed and required to show out into this world that love is what you are about, and love is what you want to shine out from your existence today and every day, but especially today are available to you to do just that.

The opportunity to embrace those that have not been embraced by you, today, tomorrow and this week, this is the time to do just that.  Show those that feel that they are not worthy or that they are not necessary in your life, just how worthy they are and just how important it is that they are in your life.  Show them that the opportunity is always available for us to express to each other our love for each other; and now is as good a time as ever to begin that process and to continue that process from now on.  I want to see my life used in such a way that any time an opportunity appears where I can shine good and goodness out into this world, I take full and total responsibility to do just that.

Shining out what is good and what is needed is all that I want to do, and all that I feel is needed in this world.  The opportunity is still available to you to make a difference in that friendship that was somehow waning, but now with your renewed view on life it can be restored.  The opportunity is still available to say you are sorry for something that may not have all been your fault, but because we are in the process of changing and rearranging our lives, it is important that this or that certain person be a part of it, and it is always the right time to share forgiveness, so yes the opportunity is still available to you for that .

The opportunity is still available for me to find within myself as it is within others to learn that we must spend the time to hear each other, we must spend the time to help each other and we must spend the time to be a mentor to others, as we remember the times when we were taken under someone else’s arms and given what we needed to grow and to be more than we could have been without that help.

Yes, the opportunity is still available to see the love of God in your life, and to open up yourself to that love like you have never done before.  Use this opportunity, use this week, use this day as a time to see for yourself that any time there is an opportunity to bring about something good and Godly into this world, use that opportunity, use that opportunity to shine love out, use that opportunity to spread love around, and use that opportunity to show yourself that love as well.  For we are all waiting for that love to circle this planet, and we are looking forward to seeing that love light begin with the love of you, and so it is, Amen and amen


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