“The Heavens received another Angel”

The Heavens received another angel; the Heaven’s received another angle yesterday. First I want to say Lord; I want to say Heavenly Father thank you for this day. Lord even though I may not understand why things happen and decisions are made and determinations are decided, I realize that everything is done divinely and it was as it was intended to be done.

Everything is done divinely as it was intended to be done. So as I said yesterday Heaven opened up and received another angel, yesterday I found out that a very amazing woman who is very special in my life had experienced a monumental blow in her life. Her beautiful daughter had, who was a miracle to be honest had passed yesterday from a short standing illness, but needless to say it felt like, it felt like it was a long time because we were so unsure how long this pain would last.

But the Heavens opened up and they took an angel into their midst’s and they are now allowing her magnificent light that she shined out into this world to now be shining with the other angels through these days. Since we believe that the human body is just a fleshy canister that allows the main source of who we are, the Spiritual energy, the mind, the soul and all of that to be housed, we see her shining brightly in this other realm, and we are so happy that whatever suffering, whatever pain that she was enduring it is now no longer necessary in her life because she has transcended to this amazingly new body that she has with the Heavenly Spirit. Yes we lost an angel on this physical plane but the beautiful Spiritual plane of the Heavenly Spirit; and of our Heavenly existence received an amazing person to add to their collective.

I have to say that hearing of this amazing young ladies passing shook the foundation of my soul. At first there was much pain and many tears as I called my girlfriend and gave her my feelings of the utmost compassion and condolence’s; and then there was this tremendous expression of lost that I felt when I closed my eyes and I could see her, always dressed immaculately as she and her Mother would attend Church services together, and then as she would attend services on her own, or as she would be the second cashier in the bookstore that she loved to work in so often.

You know it is amazing to me how we progress in our lives, we don’t realize how many people are progressing in their as well. As time is marching on for all of us, time is marching on for everyone as well. I always think I am getting older, but I never assume other people are getting older or that they are transitioning and that I’m losing another beautiful soul that I know in my life. But the thought of we will meet each other again, gives my heart the lasting pleasure to know that any of this is not good bye, it is just until we see each other again.

To my girlfriend, to the amazing mother that she was and is, to that phenomenal angel that we were all blessed with, who blessed this world for 22 years she will be missed, she will be missed and we give our prayers, and our love, and our deep feelings of compassion to her Mother who said to me yesterday. She was not expected to live over a year because of the other medical conditions she had in her life, but she lived 22 years, and for 22 years she brought not only her Mother, not only her Father, not only her Grandmother such pleasure, she brought the rest of us pleasure as well because we were able to see what it truly looked like, what it truly looks like to see a manifestation of the Heavenly Spirit shining her light of love, of such beauty and of such grace in this world for us all to see. I thank you baby girl for that, and I tell you you will be missed beyond compare, I love you and I so look forward to seeing you again. But until that time comes please know, that we all revered you as the amazing young Queen that you were, that you are, and that you will forever be in our minds. God bless you, God keep you, and God loves you, and so it is. Amen and amen

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