“The Color Purple Meditation”

Let’s prepare ourselves for meditation, let’s take a deep cleansing breath in and let it out, and let’s take another deep cleansing breath in, and let that out as well. And as we sit back in our comfy chair, and as we relax the spine of our backs against the chair, let’s feel comfortable enough to close our eyes if we can; and then let’s look through our minds eye, lets visualize in our minds the everlasting water of the waterfall, how beautiful it is, how amazingly large and roaring the waterfall is. And as the water fall shows it majesty with all of its power and loving cleansing water, we hear the roaring of the waterfall, we see the drops of mist touch our faces, as the waterfall flows down, down into a beautiful pool of blue liquid just there for us.

And as we take our eyes from the waterfall, we see that we are standing in the middle of a magnificent garden, the green plants and foliage that are surrounding us are just beautiful, everything is lush and filled with the goodness of the Earth, the love of the sun, and the blessing of the Heavenly Spirit as it has grown from the ground to its magnificence. We are standing in the middle of paradise; and as we look up into the sky, the sky is so blue, so beautifully blue the sky is with white clouds floating by as pillows of soft cotton candy, as they come together and separate, as the clouds touch each other and separate in the sky, and as we look down we see there is a bench just for us to sit down and take in the majesty of this moment.

The magnificent waterfall roaring with the water flowing down into a pool of blue liquid, the beautiful flora and fauna of paradise, and as we strain our eyes just a little bit more we are able to see what all the fuss is about, there is the hint of the color purple, um out here where we are is the magnificent color of purple. How royal that color is, how amazing to see something of that magnitude right here in paradise; but then we remember what is paradise if it is not to be surrounded with all beautiful and opulent things.

As we continue to reflect on the waterfall, as we continue to look at the beautiful beautiful green flora and fauna, and as we stare at the beautiful color of purple that has sprouted out of it all, we realize that God is here, God is with us right now, and as we are experiencing all this and as we prepare to go into the silence of this, moment we say to ourselves silently, the color purple has ignited in us the dream, the vision, the love, that God is everywhere; we say it again, the color purple has ignited in us the dream, the vision, the truth, that God is everywhere; everywhere that we are God is. We will continue to remember these words, as we go into the silence.


Yes, yes, the color purple has ignited in our hearts, and in our souls that God is with us here, God is with us there, God is with us everywhere and for that we are blessed, we are loved, and it is all Good. And as we begin to gravitate back to this very time and space, and as we say goodbye to our little bench that we sat down on in the middle of our lush and green paradise; we will never forget the color purple, and we will never forget what that color ignited in us, the dream, the vision, and the love of God for us, and with us, everywhere, everywhere, and so it is. Amen and amen.

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