“The Butterfly and the Bracelet”

Dear Heavenly Father thank you, thank you God for allowing me to have the resources that I have available to me so that I can make the payments on my investments (bills) that are needed this month. I want to thank you God for helping me to persevere, and I want to thank you God for allowing me to see how amazing I can be, just by allowing you to just do your works on me. There are two things Blessed Ones that I have on my mind that I would like to speak about today, the first thing was the butterfly experience that I had at Unity Village while I was there. I hadn’t thought about it until today, and it was so amazing so I will tell the story like this.

I was sitting down in front of the bookstore in Unity Village, and I was sitting at a table getting ready to I believe eat something, or I was just sitting down for a moment of silence and reflection and along came a butterfly. At first the butterfly landed on my book bag that I had. I had a bag filled with all the information I needed regarding the trip, my little clip board with everyone’s names and their emergency telephone numbers, and this butterfly sat there and then the butterfly just fluttered its wings open and closed, open and closed; and I remember a man came by and said to me that their a sign of good luck, or they stand for transformation, or rebirth or it was something that he said. And I thanked him and the butterfly continued to sit there and enjoyed my presence.

And as I think about this, while I was at the Village there were many numerous butterflies flying around, and I don’t know where all the butterflies came from, and some of the butterflies were very different from each other; but the butterfly just sat there and was part of my surroundings for quite some time, and finally the gentlemen shooed the butterfly away, and I said to him “oh don’t do that, we were enjoying each other”, and the butterfly left and then the butterfly came back. And as I think of that story I do think of rebirth, I think of transformation, I think of a new beginning. And I realize that I have talked constantly about Unity Village, and that is because it was an amazing trip for me it brought out a lot of amazing feelings to the surface and a lot of amazing ideas to my mind.

So I say all of this because I was sitting there, and I was thinking to myself that you know this is really something, this that I am experiencing here it was like a longing that had been fulfilled, it was like a yearning that had been satisfied, it was amazing so I say all of that because there were other mystical and amazing things that happened while I was at the Village; but the butterfly was a key note, and then the second thing that happened was that I had fallen in love with these Prayer for Protection Bracelets. And I will tell you what the bracelet says now that I have one, and the bracelet says “the light of God surrounds me, the love of God enfolds me, the power of God protects me, the presence of God watches over me, wherever I am God is”, and what we usually say in Church, and all is well.

So when I say that bracelet, there were about seven of them I said oh my God I have to have one of those bracelets when I saw it in the Unity Village Bookstore, and they must have been about $40.00 bucks, about $39.95 and I said um they are a little pricey but I really wanted the bracelet. So I said to myself I would make a promise that after we go to the city, we were going into Kansas City for some souvenir shopping if the bracelet is still there when we come back to the Village on Saturday for some training, I’m going to get the bracelet. So in my excitement to get in the commuter van to go back to the Village for our training for class, I went to the bookstore’s little curio case where they had the bracelets and they were gone, all of them were gone all seven. So I said to the lady at the counter, where are the bracelets, the Prayer for Protection Bracelets, and she said that some man came in on Friday and bought each and every one of them. Wow, okay I was kind of shocked and I said okay well I really wanted one of those, and she said well you could always order one, I don’t know how long it will take to get here, but we would have to take your payment first, so I said okay well let me think about it.

So I went on into the workshop and I dealt with another emergency while I was in there someone had misplaced their fanny back and left it on the shuttle but thank God it was found. But while I am sitting in the class, I’m thinking you know I really want that bracelet, that bracelet is calling to me and I want it. So I leave the class and excuse myself out of the class and I go down the hall back into the bookstore to where the jewelry is being sold, and I tell the woman you know I’ve got to have the bracelet, I don’t care how long it takes to get here, I will pay, etc. And the woman behind the counter looks at me and says I don’t know what you are talking about my dear. So I say oh you’re not the woman that was waiting on me earlier, but the woman that was waiting on me earlier comes from around the corner and says oh I am so glad that you are here.

And I said really why, because she said the gentleman that had bought those seven prayer bracelets called and said that one of his prayer chaplains already has one, and that he is bringing one of the bracelets back. Oh this is just too exciting to be true, well I just have to have it the bracelet is mine, so I said please you know I just have to have it; so she asked me to give her my cell phone number, and she said she would call me when he brings the bracelet back. So I gave her my number and I also said that I would be there at the Village all day Saturday and part of Sunday, so there is no rush but I hope he brings it back while I am here. So I go back into the class after giving the woman my telephone number and as I sit in the class I get a phone call and I excuse myself out of the class and I take the call and it’s the bookstore and their telling me the gentleman just got there and he dropped off the bracelet. I said I will be there during my lunch period the bracelet is mine, please hold it for me. The woman said you’ve got it.

So I go into the bookstore during my lunch time, and I pay for my sandwich, and I pay for my bracelet, and I’m so excited and I put it on and I haven’t been able to take it off since, I love the bracelet. But while I’m in class after the lunch break one of my church sisters from Sacramento admired it, and said I love that, and it’s made out of pewter I forget to tell you that, it’s made out of pewter with little strips of pewter connected together by rings and that is where the words are, each of the words from the Prayer for Protection are on these little strips, it is very neat, and so very cool. So she says I love that and I said well you know I think I have the last one because this guy he only brought back one after he bought them all but check with the bookstore, and she goes and checks with the bookstore, and later on I see her in class and she has the bracelet on, and I say to her well what happened, and she said Gerrie he brought two back; I said well isn’t that a blessing, what an blessing, what an amazing blessing that occurred.

Now I think she is like me, we both can’t take them off because they are so hard to put back on so I bath in it, and sleep in it, it is now just a part of me. But what that bracelet means to me, and what my faith means to me, whenever there is any doubt in my mind what my purpose is as a Prayer Chaplain, as a Church congregant, as a Board of Trustees member, as a Platform Assistant; I know that I love my church, and there is never any doubt in my mind how amazing my faith is, and what my faith has meant to me in my life, so every day when I say the Prayer for Protection, and I look at my left arm and I see my bracelet, it reminds me of not only how much love I have for the Heavenly Spirit, but it reminds me about how much love the Heavenly Spirit has for me. And as with all things it feels good to be loved by the Heavenly Spirit, and it feels good to have the Heavenly Spirit in my life. May the love of God and the Prayer for Protection be with you always, Amen and amen.

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