“The Beginning of a Family”

The beginning of a family; the beginning of a family sometimes starts so innocently, so lovingly without even knowing it you have touched someone’s life, who then touches your life, who then becomes a part of your life forever- more.  I heard a story over the weekend about a magnificent expression of love, nurturing and caring which started a family.  So I have this one girlfriend and she is just, she’s just an amazing woman, she’s talented, creative, full of life and very much a nurturing woman to young people.  Always seeing the good always seeing for them what they cannot see for themselves; so in comes this young man at her job, and he has been experiencing a little bit of growing pains with his new position, trying to find his way in the web of State service and trying to understand the expectations that are expected of him in the position that he has.

And what she found was so amazing about this young man who she would lovingly encourage on a daily basis was the fact that he loved his mother, he loved his mother so much that he had a picture of her on his desk for the whole world to see.  My mother is the light of my life he would say.  And as time went on and their relationship continued to blossom of one that was to became a surrogate mother or let’s say a work mother. She realized and found out that he had in fact lost his birth mother.  I am not sure exactly how she came to pass maybe it might have been from a long illness or maybe it might have been something that happened suddenly, but regardless of how and why it happened the life event had occurred.

And as she and her other co-workers went to the funeral of the mother of the young man, she never thought to realize that that day their relationship would change the destiny of her life.   That day she showed such kindness to the young man in front of his Father that he too felt a connection to this woman.  Well time went on and months became a year and they ended up seeing each other again the Father and the woman, they realized they had a lot in common and some of that commonality was the fact that they were both nurturers to others especially young people.  And then the day occurred when they both realized that because of the connection of the son, of his son to this woman the work mother, that they two had a connection for each other.  It is amazing how a family becomes a family, sometimes you’re not looking out into the world for love to come into your life, but the universe is looking out into the world for love to come into your life for you, oh the story has a happy ending.

And as this man and this woman continue to see each other occasionally off and on at different events and different conferences and different meetings of the minds in regards to the two things that they found were just significant to them; youth and seeing them making a difference in their lives.  The woman continued to be the work mother for the son and even helped plan the young man’s baby shower and she had no idea that eventually the baby shower would be for her own grandchild because she eventually married the Father of the son, a family becoming a family.

So I say to you today let the universe guide you into finding for you the family that becomes a family that you had no idea you needed in your life.  Maybe the family that becomes a family is the family that you were destined to receive all along, and maybe the family that becomes a family will be the family you’ll have for the rest of your life.  May the Heavenly Spirit show you by your good deeds how you affect the lives of others; because you never know whose watching, you never who whose seeing, you never know whose experiencing, you never know whose excited that your presence has come into their lives.  But the Heavenly Spirit knows, and the God presence within you reveals that you have done a good job dear servant, well done dear servant, well done dear sister, well done new family and so it is, Amen and amen.

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