“Thank you Heavenly Father, thank you God”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; I thank you God, I thank you for the blessings, I thank you for the knowing’s that everything in my life will be just fine because I am a child of yours, I believe this and I see this constantly coming to pass.  Once again my Father you have prepared a way out of no way, once again my Father you have shown me the benefits and the blessings that forgiveness can give you in your life.  And once again my Father you have shown me that I am still a child of yours because I believe and I know whose I am.

My Father I have once again had to dip into the honeypot of forgiveness.  I’ve had to dig my finger into the pot of forgiveness and ask to be forgiven for the thoughts that I have had against another but also to forgive another for the thoughts that they have had on me.  Let me explain, sometimes people can be so hurtful and so mean when they feel jealous or inferior to others.  And that is something that I do not understand because I have never felt jealous or inferior to anyone. I have never felt jealous of someone receiving their blessings.  I have never felt jealous of someone receiving their good that has finally arrived on their door step as they open the door to their new day; no I have never been jealous.

But I have experienced jealousy in my life, I have experienced people jealous toward me, I have experienced people hurting me because of that jealousy and I have experienced pain from the suffering of others who are jealous.  But what helps me with that and what helps me with all things is forgiveness.  So I forgive the young lady at the grocery store who may not know better, and I forgive the man or woman who constantly uses anything he or she can to be a distraction and a disruption in my life, I forgive him or her.  Because as a child of the Heavenly Father’s I must find some way in all ways to show forgiveness to those who have done something that deserves that forgiveness from me.

Now I can hold on to a feeling of bitterness, and I could hold on to a feeling of uneasiness or I can hold on to a feeling of paranoia but that is not my way; that is not my way.  So by allowing myself the feeling of forgiveness to be extended as a branch of all good to an individual such as this; I allow myself to be opened up and poured into me all the blessings that the Heavenly Father wants to give me.  But because I have emptied myself out of any hurt or any resentment or any uneasiness or any failure to appear as an inkling of love that would have been shined my way.  I have opened myself up to an opportunity to receive everything that is to be given to me as a blessing into my life.  I asked, I prayed and I was given a blessing, thank you my Father, thank you my Father for blessing my family.

No I don’t have time for jealousy; I don’t have time for distractions, I’m on a mission.  I am doing a great work and I cannot come down to this type of low thinking; remember whose you are, and don’t let people distract you, detain you, or derail you from your mission, remember what your mission is.  Remember you are here because of the Heavenly Father, you serve a great God, and because of that you are blessed and favored.  Don’t ever forget who and whose you are, and don’t ever let anyone make you feel any differently about who and whose you are as well.  For the Heavenly Father sees you and knows your talents and knows your treasures and knows who you are and who you will become and He is greatly pleased by you and your obedience.

Be thankful; be so thankful that you are able to see your life in this light.  You are able to see yourself at this higher level of frequency, this consciousness of all good, this pouring into your body of all blessings, giving to you of all that you deserve, don’t let anyone take that from you.  Don’t let anyone bring you down to their level, and if their level isn’t scaling the skies with the Heavenly Spirit than their level is too low for you to be concerned with.  No, you are a child of the Most High you have asked for your blessings and they have been given to you.  You have emptied your heart out of anything that needed to be forgiven and you have forgiven, and now you bask in the beautiful oneness with the Heavenly Spirit because you deserve all the good that is coming your way.

May you find today as a day where all your dreams will come true.  May you find today as a day that anything you ask for is given to you, and, may you find today as an opportunity to remember who and whose you are.  For you are a child of the Most High, thank God you are blessed with that in your whole heart, thank God you are blessed with that in your whole heart, thank God you are blessed with that, and so it is, and so it, Amen and amen.  Thank you God to you we give the Glory, and so it is .

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