“Thank you God for my Beloved”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; thank you God for giving me the man of my dreams.  Thank you God for giving me the man of my life, thank you my Father for giving me the man who has touched my heart, who has touched my soul.   Every day I experience something even more magical in this relationship that I am in with my Beloved.  The time that we spend together and the love that we share for each other, sometimes it feels like we are on an island by ourselves and it is so amazing; to wake up in the morning and to see someone you care for, to see someone who brings such light into your life, and to love someone so deeply.

Thank you God for allowing us to find each other in this huge big blue world, thank you Heavenly Father for showing us that we were to be what we were meant to be for each other.  And thank you my Father for showing us that it is never too late, nor should you be in a rush to find the person that was meant to be in your life.  For you were meant to receive the happiness that is here to be given to you, so take the time to find the one.  Let the Heavenly Father lead you to the one, let the Heavenly Spirit shine your light out so that the one can find you; and when that happens, when the two of you find each other it is like you are on your own island alone together.

You work together, you plan together, you plant the seed of all hopefulness together; and by planting that seed with that amazing light that you shine out together.  Even though you are able to also shine your light separately, but together you are what God has meant the blessing of the two of you to be.  You are a guiding shining light of love that beams out into this world.  I thank you my Heavenly Father for allowing me to find the soul mate that I was looking for.  I thank you Heavenly Father for allowing me to see what love truly looks like when it is given to you unconditionally.

And I thank you my Father, for once again providing the way for me to see so clearly, your love in my life manifested into the love that I am given from my Beloved.  Thank you my Father for your love, thank you my Father for my Beloved, thank you my Father and so it is, Amen and amen

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