“Thank you for all the Blessings”

I started my day out today with saying a prayer of gratitude for all the wonderful things I have in my life that allow me to be a blessing to my family and to so many others. I thank God for the amazing way he allows my life to continue to be filled with love and joy, and all at the same time experiencing the daily details of ups and downs in my life.

Let’s see today the air conditioner at my home died, the front tooth in my mouth where I had been experiencing an awful filling finally fell out during an evening this weekend of Chinese food, and to top that off I realized that I am more than overdue on my tags on the car that I drive around in. When is it all going to stop, and when is it all going to be perfect, or at least normal for whatever a normal day could be. But I say all of this because even though these things have occurred, and I will probably have another occurrence of something else today, I will continue to thank God for it all; thank you God that I am able to see Good, and even more Good in my life on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

My air conditioner will be fixed today thank you God, and I already have a call into my dentist for the tooth and then to top it off I will send a check to DMV in the mail with the registration today, or I will either go down to DMV and get this taken care of. But I once again thank God for the blessings and for the occurrences; for all the things whether they are a blessing or a burden, I thank God because I am alive and I am experiencing what is necessary for me to experience, and what is necessary for me to experience at this time. We thank God for it all, and by doing that, we realize that a life that is always Good, and always perfect is not a life that I can learn from. I learn and I expand and I grow from all of the experiences that I embrace into my life. Yes, there will be flat tires at the most unto times; and there will be winning lotto tickets, and lost dry cleaning but through it all there will be a life that is so worth living.

Every day that I experience anything be it positive or not so positive is an opportunity to live, to learn, and to love myself and others. Thank you God for the blessings, and thank you God for my right mind, to be able to enjoy and react to all that comes my way with the air of excitement, embracement, and with love; for to be alive and to experience life is so much better than to not be alive, and to experience nothing. God bless you all; and enjoy the experience and thank God, for all the blessings that you receive. Amen and amen

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