“Speak to Me My Father”

On any given day patiently I wait for you to speak to me My Father. I say a prayer, I close my eyes, and I wait for you to emerge in my mind with a word, a phrase, or even a nudge if you will of something that you feel is relevant to pass along to me today. I sit still and I wait for just the smallest voice in my mind to speak to me a word of love and joy so that I may began to put together what it all means to me, and what it all means that you are trying to relay to me in that stillness of the moment.

I am never disappointed with the words that we share together in my mind, and I find that all I want to do day in and day out, is to just spend my time waiting, sitting, and savoring what the message will be from you today. What will you impart to me today My Father? What message do you feel is most needed to have my day begin as something memorable and to end that way as well? What I find is that I deliver the message from you the best way that I can, and I am not here to decipher what that message is once it is received, I am only here to relay to all that want to hear what the message is and what it means to us all today.

So, I wait and I pray, and I sit still in the silence of all that is to be revealed, and will be revealed in due time. So what is your message to me today My Father? What is it that you my Heavenly Spirit feels is so important that it must be presented out into the World, and then it comes to me; the message, the word, the nuance, the glance of revelation and the message is “Peace”. “Peace” just this one word, relayed, transmitted, re-packaged front to back and sideways it is still revealed to me as “Peace”.

Peace the word that has so many meanings to me; the word that has saved countries and has allowed people to be set free from bondage, peace, peace, peace. Peace I give to you and peace be you with my child you say to me, and because of this I feel at peace, dear Father because of this I feel closeness, a connection and an oneness with you and with your word today. Yes, dear Father I will relay to them peace, the loving warm glow of all that is holy and all that is needed begins and ends with peace. Peace, peace, peace, I am so thankful for your word today Lord, I am so grateful for the feeling and the connection that this word allows me to feel with you; by being at peace with myself, with my world, and with my circumstances I am blessed, I am loved, and I am one with you in all things.

The loving embrace of peace has and will always change lives; thank you God for the word today, thank you God for the warmth that this word provides for me in my soul, and thank you God for all that I am, and all that we are, is because of the peace of mind that your love affords us all. May the love of God allow you once again to feel the loving arms of peace embrace you now and always, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all,

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