“Sometimes no answer is an answer as well”

Good day Blessed Ones;

I have been finding myself going into prayer and meditation looking for an answer to a situation or a crisis; and, more times than not the answer that I receive may not be the answer that I was looking for. Or sometimes, there is no answer at all, which in itself is an answer, which means to me that I already have the answer, and I am not willing to accept what that answer is.

Maybe this particular crisis, or this particular situation is one that I have struggled with before; and like before I didn’t listen or maybe I wasn’t sure what the answer was. But this time the answer is clearly that you have all the tools you need to figure this one out on your own, and my help isn’t needed because you know deep inside what the true answer is to this problem or situation.

Wow, so I then take the time to really look deep into my own understanding of what has been taught to me, and what I have learned from the Heavenly Spirit, and once that is grounded in my being. I am able to open up my heart and my eyes, to what is really being presented to me in glimpses or even full blown signs that you know the answer, and you have the tools that you already need to produce an acceptable outcome to this situation or challenge.

I want to thank the Heavenly Spirit for showing me that what I am feeling is not hopelessness or even despair. What I am feeling, is the feeling of knowing what exactly needs to be done, and then finally accepting within my own soul what I need to do to solve the situation. I look forward to the Heavenly Spirit talking with me at all times, and I especially look forward to those times, when He allows me to see His words even more clearly, by allowing me to remember and to trust in Him and in myself, that everything will work out divinely as it was meant to be, and so it is. God bless you all

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