“Share your Story”

We take a deep breath in of the pure loving air of the Heavenly Spirit, and we let it out, and we take another deep cleansing breath of all that is good and true, and we let out all that is not serving us at this time. Lord, I had no idea I had a story, I had no idea Lord, that I had a story that needed and could be shared with others about my life. I had no idea that even though I have triumphed, sometimes I faltered, and sometimes I fell, but I always got back up, and because of that rhythm of life there is a story to be told to others.

Times will not always be the best, times will be challenging, but times will also be glorious and knowing when and knowing how important it is to stand up when you fall down, that is the revelation for you in your life. Realize that you are a victor, and not a victim, realizing that all that is here to be given to you, is here to be given to you as a blessing, and when you taste an opportunity to have a piece of bitter fruit, realize that the bitterness will only last for a short period of time, because the good sweet-in-between is here to bring you to your glory.

Yes, life can be a challenge, life can be an adventure, and life can be an opportunity, to open yourself up to what is here to receive, to open yourself up to what is here to feel, to open yourself up to what is here to make the world a better place, life can be a story. Rewrite your story; rewrite your life; if something is not working for you, than you decide how you will make the change in the story. Make the change in the middle of the story, so that the ending reflects the trueness, the true love, the true beauty, the true gift, that you are to this World, change your story.

Show others that because you fell you got back up, and it was the best thing that ever happened to you. Show others that just because you had a breakdown, the breakthrough came and without the breakdown, you wouldn’t have realized the miraculous breakthrough that you were going to experience, share your story. Share your story with the World and share yourself; we all want to know how you became the amazingly magnificent expression that God always knew that you are, but now you finally realized it for yourself, and now your glorious in your story.

Now we see you shining out your light to the World, and radiating your story to share with everyone else, share your story. Share the good times that were so sweet, share those other times that felt so bitter, and share the sweet-in-between of it all that allows you to make the steps to go forward, to arrive at your promised land; share your story. Share the love that you have for yourself, with the rest of us and let us know how it feels to truly love someone, and something, and have it start with you, share your story.

Share it all, show us all of it, stand in front of the light of the Heavenly Spirit, and say this is who I am, and thank you God for letting me share my story. Stand there shining in your glory, and understand that yes, I may have been this or that, and yes, I may have felt that I was unworthy, but no no that is not my story, my story, my purpose, my life, my existence, and my love for the Heavenly Spirit shows that I too will rise up and be glorious and victorious, in what I set out to do because I have decided to stand tall and let the Lord help me rewrite my story. I have decided to stand tall to understand that the breakdown, helped me to get to the breakthrough, which allowed me to get to the glorious day that I am right here; I understand that my story, my story, my story, needed to be told.

Thank you God for giving me the strength to tell my story, thank you Heavenly Father for giving me the strength, to realize that my story was not over, and thank you God for showing me that once again by relying on you, by trusting in you, by feeling the love of the Heavenly Spirit in my body, I realized that what a story it is to be told. Thank you God for letting me share my story, thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is, amen and amen, God bless you all

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