“Send your Love before You’

Good day Blessed Ones;

Dear Father Mother God, sweet Loving Presence, I think I have finally got it.  I think I have finally understood what and why we are here.  We are here to send out into the World our love, and to send our love into the World before us.   I want to see the good that I feel within my being to be sent out into a room before I arrive, so that I can rest assured that the love of God will always shine out of me as I see it shine within me as well.

Whenever you find yourself at a point in your life, where you would like to see peace and love come from you, as you prepare to come forward into the presence of sharing time with others.  Take a moment to say a prayer, and in that prayer send forth before you the love that you would like to see emanated into that space.  Send your feelings of all good things before you, so that it is seen by one and all that you have come from a place of love, and you intend to leave with those that you meet that love as well.

Yes, my Father I have finally figured it out that we are meant to bring about love to this World, and we are meant to bring into each and every place we visit, each and every place we touch and that touches us that love as well.  What an amazing feeling it is to know that whenever there is any worry or doubt, whenever there is any concern or confusion, we should always first and foremost reach deep within ourselves to find the love to give for that moment, to send out into that moment the love that is needed to calm our minds, and to share with our bodies the warmth and loving embrace of the Heavenly Spirit.

I wish for you each and every day, that you send your love before you; and as you begin your day, that you send your love before you.  When you get ready to enter that meeting that is so necessary for your business, that you send your love before you.  That you send your love before you, when you enter a place that may not be receptive to that feeling, but that you send it anyway; and I guarantee you, that you will sense, and you will see manifested for all to see what the love of the Heavenly Spirit sent first can do in your life, and in the lives of so many others, and so it is.  Amen and amen, God bless you all

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