“Seek Me, saith the Lord”

Good day Blessed Ones;

So I have been having some very interesting and enlightening days lately, and as I continue to seek guidance in prayer and meditation and deep reflection.  The message or the words that continue to come to me are seek me, saith the Lord.  Seek me for your answers to these problems, seek me for the solution that you are seeking, seek me to help you with this mess that you are trying to find a message from.  Seek me, and as I sit myself down and I raise my head to the sky and ask for clarity and wisdom in this situation.  I find that it is not truly my mess to unravel, it is not my mission to determine action on, and it is not my lesson that is being needed to be learned.

I have been hurt by others, and I have allowed myself to be vulnerable to feelings that I should have never experienced in the first place, seek me saith the Lord.  So I sit down and I look deeply into my own heart, and I ask myself have you done your best, have you constantly and consistently put your best foot forward in this situation and have you seen that what you were seeking was always here for you to receive, seek me, saith the Lord.

So I am no longer going to feel that what is in my mind, is also in my spirit and it is not mine to receive, no it is mine to receive but is it truly mine alone to understand. I will never have this day again, and as I ask myself for the clarity that I need to clearly bring about a resolution to a problem, to bring about a solution to a mystery, and to find within myself the truth in this trilogy.  I will remember that what was mine to receive will still be mine, I will remember that the road that I stand on has been stood on before, and the strength that I require to help me make the best decisions possible are available to me, all I need to do is seek from the Heavenly Father help in this as in all matters, and I will see the light, I will see the solution, and I will see how amazingly strong I am as well.  For as a child of the Heavenly Spirits, I feel the best solution is one that is addressed and brought about with wisdom as I continue to seek him, as I continue to seek his love, and as I continue to, seek me, saith the Lord, and so it is. Amen and amen

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