“Seek in yourself first the forgiveness you seek from others”

Seek in yourself first the forgiveness you seek from others.  I will never forget the opportunity that I had to forgive someone who I thought needed that forgiveness but in fact it was myself.  I relied on the Heavenly Spirit and I was in deep prayer as I requested the strength to forgive this individual and as I began to forgive them I felt forgiveness come upon me.  Seek yourself first the forgiveness you want to give to others.

I realized that I needed to be forgiven, I realized I needed to be absolved of what I had felt was something that I had done.  And by forgiving myself, by allowing myself to have the freedom of that forgiveness I was able to then provide that forgiveness to the one that I felt needed it more so than I.  But isn’t that always the case, we seek to forgive others not realizing that we ourselves need forgiveness.  We ourselves need to find it deep within our hearts to forgive ourselves for whatever it is.

A small transgression, a thought that was discerning, a word spoken that was hurtful, an action taken that left a bruise on the soul of the individual it was directed toward.  Seek yourself forgiveness and then realize by forgiving yourself you are able to extend that branch, that loving arm, that loving arm, that hand to someone else in forgiveness who needs it as well.  I need to forgive myself before I can forgive others; and many times there are numerous things that I can be forgiven for.  I need to not dwell on what those things are but I need to realize that once they are forgiven they are needed to be put to the side not to be picked back up again.  They need to be forgiven and forgotten as best we can.

I know it is hard to forgive and to forget, sometimes the pain of the act that happened was so painful, was so detrimental, was such a casting dark light into our heart, but we need to forgive.  For by not forgiving we are disallowing ourselves to receive the blessings that we deserve; forgiveness is for me first.  So I say to you today, I forgive you Gerrie Walker, I forgive you Geraldine Walker, I forgive you the child of God’s that you are.  And by forgiving you, by forgiving you I am able to forgive others who ever they may be.  May today be the day that you allow forgiveness into your heart?  May today be the day that forgiveness is allowed to stir up within you numerous things that can be brought to light that will be able to be put away?  Because they have been forgiven and forgotten in the past where they belong.

Let the loving hand of forgiveness, provide for you the loving feeling of understanding that we are all on our own path.  We are all trying to find our own way, and we are all a piece of work in progress; and even though I may not hurt others, sometimes I hurt myself and because of that I must forgive myself.  I must forgive myself for the things that I have done, and I must forgive myself for the things that I will do.  But in all of that forgiveness I must realize that as a child of the great I AM, I am already forgiven by the Father, and as he holds no grudges against me, I should hold no grudges against myself.

Use today as a way to forgive yourself, use today as a way to show forgiveness in your heart for yourself. Use today as a way to say to the Heavenly Spirit, I am forgiving myself, I have forgiven myself, I have forgotten what needed to be forgiven because it is in the past, and I walk today only in the future and in the present.  Thank you God for that sweet taste of forgiveness, thank you Heavenly Father for that sweet blessing that forgiveness embraces me with; and thank you Father for it is because of the love of you in my life that I am able to experience something as monumental as the gift of forgiveness to myself.

And for these things, for these amazing blessings, for these amazing knowing’s, for these amazing teachings that I have been taught today; we say thank you God for the blessings that you bring into my life.  Thank you Heavenly Father for the forgiveness that you allow me to receive in my soul and thank you the sweet I AM that you are that allows me to see so clearly your love in my life, thank you my Father for the demonstration, thank you my Father for the love, thank you my Father for forgiveness, and so it is, Amen and amen.

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