Save Me Lord

Dear Heavenly Spirit, please save me Lord; save me from my thoughts that have allowed me to play small in my life.  Save me Lord, from the thoughts of others that are afraid of playing in the big field of life that you have afforded all of us.  Save me Lord, for when the days come and I am able to reflect on what was done, and what was had, and what was to be, and all that I could have been dear Sweet Spirit, save me Lord, and allow me to see beforehand what my life could have been if I had allowed myself to be saved.  What my life should have been if I had allowed myself to be saved.  What my life will be if I only allowed myself to take a chance, to be fully and truly embraced by the Heavenly Spirit, and to rest assured that all that was to be given to me, and all that was a thought for me was Good. I  should have, I could have, and I would have, been so much more if I had allowed you to save me.

So today dear Heavenly Father, I have seen what my life is supposed to be, and I have decided to release my heart and my soul to you my Sweet Spirit, and I will be saved from all that troubles me, I will be saved from all that I have ever worried about, I will be saved to start anew, to begin again, to begin with all the right moves this time.  Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for saving me, thank you for allowing me to see for myself what my life would have been, if I had not accepted and received your love in my life. Thank you God for showing me that it is never too late to change, it is never too late to be born again, and it is never too late to want with all my heart and soul to be a better person, and to be a saved child of God’s.

Thanks be to God for the recovery, thanks be to God for the healing, and thanks be to God for saving us all, for we are all your children, and for this and because of this, we will be blessed and we will be saved. And for this and so much more, we say in thanksgiving, thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is. Amen and amen and God bless you all.


Life is not saying you are sorry for caring too much, for loving too hard, or wanting too much.

 Life is about doing all of that with dignity, love, and grace. – Gerrie Walker

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