“Remembering and Loving the Infinite Spirit that is You“

We take a deep breath in, and we let it out, breathing in and out all of the pure air of Spirit. We take another deep cleansing breath in, and we let that out, breathing in and breathing out, all the air that our lungs can possibly hold, and all the air that our lungs can expel at this time. We continue to breathe in and breathe out, slowly and deeply as we prepare ourselves for meditation. Today’s meditation is on remembering and loving the infinite spirit that is you. As we close our outer eyes and open our minds eye we begin to realize that the sky that we are seeing is an amazing shade of blue, and we are standing in the middle of a beautiful beautiful meadow, so green and tall is the grass, and so beautiful are the blossoms of yellow flowers, that are blowing, blowing in the wind just for us. As we enjoy this walk that we are on together you and I, we continue to walk in the meadow, walking in the tall green grass, walking in the meadow of beautiful yellow flowers, and as we continue to walk straight ahead we come across a barn.

A huge brown wooden structure, a barn and on the door of this barn we see a sign that says come in, we are waiting for you, we read the sign again, come in, we are waiting for you. And as we go through the door of the barn, what we see inside is an amazing sight to behold. We see a feast prepared, and we see mirrors as well situated in different corners of the barn, and in this room, we see chairs situated around the table where the food has been laid out just for us. This feast is something that you would see in a magazine, set up for a King or Queen; there are candle stick holders in different heights of high and low, there is tapestry laid on the table in beautiful colors of gold, silver and burgundy, and the food, the food is laid out in different sections on the table as well.

The first section are fruits and vegetables, the second section are breads and butters, and honey and jams, and the third section are meats, of beef and fish and chicken, all cooked to just the correct temperature, all cooked with just the right amount of spices, of seasonings of flavor, and as we begin to bless this food; we close our eyes and we thank God for this amazing meal that was prepared for us, and as we open our eyes what we see around the table now, are all the people in our lives that have been instrumental into making us who we are today, there was that favorite Auntie that you always loved, and that loved you. There was that favorite cousin of yours, that always made sure to spend time with you, when he came to town, as he spent hours talking just with you; and then there was your Father who was always seated at the head of the table because of the respect that you had for him, and the respect that he had for the family.

Everyone that had touched your life in the way of love, in the way of it making a difference, in a way of your life being beneficial, were seated around the table with you right now. And as you looked around the table, and saw all of the beautiful faces of love, who were always so proud of you; and all the compassion that you have felt for each and every one of these people in your life; you realize that you had to come through the door, you had to come through the door. Because what was awaiting you were your memories of long past love, the memories of your life that were pleasant, that were necessary, that were your truth and your World. And as you see in the mirrors reflection, all of the joy that this moment has brought to not only you, but to the numerous others that were seated around the table, you begin to realize that your life has been such a blessing of love, your life has been such a blessing of infinite love, and your life has shown you, how you have always been thought of as an infinite spirit of love. Your spirit, your aura, your being, has brought about so much happiness and love into the lives of all these people. And, as we go into the silence, remember these words to yourself, you are a loving and infinite spirit, you are the loving and infinite spirit that we all knew you were, as we go into the silence…….


Yes, you are finally remembering, yes, you are finally seeing with your own eyes just what your life has meant to you, and just how amazing your life has been to others, by loving the infinite spirit that is you. You are so amazing, you are so loved, and you are finally seeing this for yourself; as you accept, as you receive, and as you understand, just how important you are to this entire place that we call our World. You are needed, you are required, and you are so loved, by so many others, as well as the Heavenly Spirit. If there was ever any doubt in your mind, just how much you are loved in this world, remember this setting, remember the place setting at the table that was set just for you and your life, and remember, how you were surrounded by all that love, and all of those that have always loved you; remember this always, and as we say our goodbyes to the family and to the friends, that we ate with at the table of our lives; remember this whenever you need to feel that love again, remember this whenever you need to remember just whose you are, and remember this, that you are an infinite spirit receiving the love that you so deserve, the love that is so appreciated, and the love that is so needed for us all, and so it is. Amen and Amen, God bless you all

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